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Published:December 11th, 2009 17:01 EST
Let's Show Tiger Woods No Mercy!

Let's Show Tiger Woods No Mercy!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to singer, reality star and co-star of Kim Kardashian sex-tape, Ray J, the public should just leave Tiger alone.

`Let Tiger Woods be a man. Sometimes you`re a man and you have a bad night. Let that man be a man,` Ray J. told Tarts in defense of the controversial athlete at the Famous Stars & Straps Party in conjunction with the release of Snoop`s new album `Malice in Wonderland` in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

`He should absolutely (be able to keep endorsement deals). He didn`t do anything wrong on the golf field, is that how you say it? I don`t golf.`" Read More

A real man doesn`t expose his wife to STD`s by sleeping around with dozens of bimbos without using protection. A real man doesn`t humiliate his wife, and tear apart his family with his serial philandering. A real man doesn`t pretend to be an upstanding citizen when he`s nothing but a douche bag. A real man doesn`t hide in his mansion, instead of facing the public.

Tiger Woods didn`t have one bad night, he had hundreds of bad nights in which he slept around with other women. Tiger didn`t make one mistake, the disgraced golfer`s life revolves around sex, gambling, and drinking.

The public should definitely not leave Tiger alone, it`s incumbent upon us to teach him a lesson by dogging him until he retires from golf.

Ray J`s comments are way off course, and the only products Tiger should be shilling for are condoms and Viagra.

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