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Published:December 11th, 2009 19:14 EST
Top Ten Titles For Tiger Woods Adult Film Parody

Top Ten Titles For Tiger Woods Adult Film Parody

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just two weeks after the Tiger Woods cheating scandal exploded - and on the heels of revelations that two of the golfer`s alleged paramours are porn stars -- an adult movie called "Tiger`s Wood" is already in production, according to E! Online.

The skin flick bills itself as the `official porn parody` of the allegedly sex-crazed golfer`s reported antics, according to the Web site, which has obtained a copy of the script."

Neil Nagraj/NYDailyNews.Com

We all knew it was coming, a Tiger Woods porn parody is in the works. It`s going to be called "Tiger`s Wood", a good name, but here are my Top Ten Titles For The Tiger Woods` Porn Movie:

*I Just Played 18 Ho`s

*Where Da White Ho`s Be At?

*Tiger Conquers The Golf Course And The Strip Clubs With His Mighty Wood

*Tiger And His Pussy Cats

*Honey, She Was Just Polishing My Golf Club

*Catch A Tiger By The Tail

*Honey I`m Going To Take My Money To The Skank ( I Mean Bank!)

*The Tiger Wood Story

*Eldrick The Tiger: I Feel Great!!! I Just Did A Blonde Bimbo

*Tiger, Why Are You Going Golfing With Only Your Wood?

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