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Published:December 13th, 2009 12:39 EST
Pre-Scandal Tiger Woods: Family First, Then Golf! Yeah, Right Dirtbag!

Pre-Scandal Tiger Woods: Family First, Then Golf! Yeah, Right Dirtbag!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Zealand TV channel will broadcast on Tuesday a recent interview with Tiger Woods in which the world`s best golfer said his family comes first.

In a trailer for the interview, conducted in Australia last month before Woods on Friday admitted to infidelity in his marriage, sports broadcaster Murray Deaker asks the golfer: `Family first and golf second. Always be like that?`

`"Always,` Woods replied.

When a born again Christian who espouses family values and Biblical morality is exposed as a hypocrite, the press is all over him like white on rice. Evangelical hypocrites like Carrie Prejean and Jimmy Swaggart deserved the merciless beating they got from the media.

Tiger Woods doesn`t wear religion on his sleeve, in fact I`m not even sure if he belongs to any organized religion. But Tiger has built his billion dollar empire on his image as a dedicated golfer and family man who is worthy of our admiration.

Little did we know that the disgraced golfer spent more time swinging with bimbos, than he did working on his golf swing. Tiger spent more time with his caddy and his Fortune 500 buddies than he did with his wife.

Tiger is as much a hypocrite as Carrie Prejean, and he should be mocked and ridiculed by the tabloids and the mainstream media.

In an interview taped just last month Tiger Woods boasted that "family came first, and golf second." What a joke! Tiger`s freaky dozen ho`s came first, golf second, gambling third, and bringing up the rear was his family.

I applaud the media for exposing the hypocrisy of Tiger Woods; I urge them not to let up. The fallen icon doesn`t merit any sympathy.

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