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Published:December 14th, 2009 21:06 EST
Tiger Woods Bimbo Count Now Stands At 13

Tiger Woods Bimbo Count Now Stands At 13

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods has lost his sponsorship with global consulting firm Accenture Ltd. because the company feels the pro golfer is `no longer the right representative` following the `circumstances of the last two weeks,` according to The Associated Press.

Accenture is the first sponsor to drop Woods following allegations of infidelity and his announcement to take an indefinite leave from golf to work on his marriage."

It`s not surprising that Tiger Woods` sponsors are either downplaying their relationship with the disgraced golfer or dropping him altogether. Accenture dispatched Tiger with concise and diplomatic language: He is no longer the right representative following the circumstances of the last two weeks.

Only someone who has been in a coma the last two weeks doesn`t know exactly what circumstances the Accenture spokesperson was alluding to in his statement.

In the last couple of weeks Tiger Woods` image as a gentleman and an all-around good guy has been demolished. Tiger has been exposed as a scumbag who puts his insatiable sexual needs above everything else.

Every day another bimbo comes out of the woodwork alleging a sexual relationship with the over-sexed golfer.

"Tiger Woods` list of possible paramours grew to 13 Monday with the New York Post`s report linking him to Julie Postle, whose ex-boyfriend says had an affair with Woods five years ago, before and after he married Elin Nordegren."
Fox News blog

Tiger`s harem of hotties has now grown to a baker`s dozen, but by the time this article is published the number might be 14 or 15.

That`s at least 13 women that Tiger had unprotected sex with; the STD right might come down if only the horn dog superstar keeps his wood in his golf club bag.

Most of those ladies had boyfriends or husbands, Tiger is responsible for ruining a lot of relationships. It`s bad enough that Tiger wrecked his own marriage, but the creep has caused a lot of heartache to many other people.

Tiger Woods` list of bimbos will surely exceed 18 when all is said and done, but he will never break Jack Nicklaus` record of winning 18 major championships.

If Tiger ever returns to the golf course, we won`t forgive and we won`t forget. There will be multitudes of bloggers and golf fans who will make Tiger`s life too stressful for him to win any major championships.

Make your "indefinite leave" from golf permanent Tiger, we don`t want you back!

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