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Published:December 18th, 2009 13:13 EST
If Tiger Woods Cracks Up It Will Be A Good Thing

If Tiger Woods Cracks Up It Will Be A Good Thing

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After all that time cavorting with an endless stream of floozies, Tiger Woods is now just a sad lone wolf.
The golf great has been spending his days in seclusion -- eating cereal and watching cartoons -- and his nights hitting golf balls to clear his head since his carefully crafted world unraveled following revelations of rampant womanizing that drove his wife out the door, it was reported yesterday.
Woods has isolated himself from even his closest friends since wife Elin Nordegren learned of his philandering ways, leading those close to him to worry he might be `cracking up.`"
Except for the part about hitting golf balls, that sounds like my typical Saturday afternoon. Tiger is too much of a coward to leave his mansion and face the paparazzi and the public -- he`s forced to spend his days like a regular guy.
What Tiger should be doing is searching the Internet for the symptoms of all the major STD`s, and looking for a good divorce lawyer.
We all have our problems -- I don`t have a smidgen of sympathy for Tiger Woods. I disliked Woods for his arrogance and his disdain for everyday people long before he was exposed to the world as a scumbag. The disgraced golfer has no one but himself to blame for his predicament.
It would serve the public`s interest if Tiger Woods did "crack up". It would be a morality play with a lesson that even jock sniffers would understand: There`s a heavy price to be paid for pride, deceit, hypocrisy and whoring around.
The concept of shame has disappeared, a celebrity can indulge in the most reprehensible behavior, and sit down with Oprah for a few minutes and all is forgiven. Some celebs forgo crying on Oprah`s shoulder, and opt for rehab.
Tiger let down his sponsors who invested millions in him, he disappointed his fans who believed his carefully crafted image of him a gentleman and a scholar, and he treated his wife like dirt. If the golf legend "cracked up", it would be a start in balancing the scales.
Tiger losing his marbles is infinitely better than Tiger claiming he`s suffering from an addiction to sex, going to rehab, and then once again basking in the adoration of the public.
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