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Published:December 18th, 2009 12:02 EST
Tiger Woods We Hardly Knew Ye!

Tiger Woods We Hardly Knew Ye!

By Geoff Dean

 A recent gander at the SOP Top Ten list showed that four of the "hit" articles, including the top two, were about Tiger Woods. (Another was thanking Oral Roberts for dying). Not all that surprisingly, they were none too supportive of the golfer and indeed suggested he could, among other things, leave this planet at once.

Tiger Woods

 As every penguin in Antarctica probably knows, Tiger was in a strange car crash and this led, oddly enough, to a revelation of several marital infidelities with some conveniently tabloidy women. Sports, sex, scandal, celebrity, botched damage control, and blondes all in one package. Who could resist?

 Let me point out that I don`t condone infidelity in a President, a pro-golfer, or a gas station attendant (or anyone else- if you are not too good at catching subtlety!) That said, I think everyone should get off Tiger`s back. He said he is taking a break from golf to try to save his family. And yet, some on our own kind and friendly SOP "family" have suggested that his wife "kick him to the curb." And how exactly would that benefit the author of that nice sentiment or in what way is that anyone`s business except Tiger`s and his wife`s? I mean this in the kindest and gentlest possible way and with a dollop of Christmas cheer on top, but everyone please butt the expletive out!

 When a certain President of cigar fame got into marital infidelity, I remember many in the media and some of my friends suggesting that a) Hillary should kick him to the curb, and b) when she didn`t, she did not do so for political reasons. Why were people howling for divorce? And, I might add, people who had often criticized the American penchant for divorcing for the cavalierest of reasons. If people are having family problems (have you never had any?), why can`t we just leave them alone?

 Some sponsors have cut off Tiger and that is their prerogative, of course. They are just doing what they think best suits their bottom lines. I have no complaints about that. But I doff my hat to those companies who have decided to stick with a man when he is down, even if it is a down of his own making, to be sure.

 Furthermore, as to those who enjoy counting "smoking bimbos", I must say that whether one has one lover or many, and/or commits infidelity once or repeatedly is not the issue. Those who get their kicks out of such a numbers game, may have problems of their own.

 Others have criticized his way of releasing information on his blog and the slowness which he has shown in "fessing up". Truth is, he doesn`t owe us anything. He doesn`t have to inform us in the way we might wish. He didn`t cheat on the American public, just his wife. How he reveals this to her, when and where and in what detail, is approximately none of my beeswax.

 Some have gone as far as to compare Tiger to OJ. OJ was accused (and found innocent of) murder. Last time I checked, this was a serious crime. What Tiger did was wrong but surely not criminal. Everybody, please take a deep breath.

 I think a better comparison is to Michael Vick. He did commit a crime but he seems truly repentant. He served his sentence and vowed to make amends. He returned to his sport and is beginning to return to his pre-fall form. I wish a similar success to Tiger and his wife and family. He made a huge mistake and has already suffered for it. He will surely suffer more, much more. But if he can come out of this stronger and with a stronger marriage, I wish him all the best.