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Published:December 20th, 2009 11:35 EST
LOL: Tiger Woods Pretended To Be Wide-Eyed Innocent In Topless Bars

LOL: Tiger Woods Pretended To Be Wide-Eyed Innocent In Topless Bars

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods used to enjoy going to topless bars, but he always pretended he was a wide-eyed innocent who`d never seen a stripper before, sources say.
Before his fateful Thanksgiving car crash, Woods made regular trips to Scores whenever he was in town, according to the mammary mecca`s former manager, Tony Lombardi. The golf great was able to appear like a shy `virgin to strip clubs,` Lombardi said.
Woods` acting talent came to light as Page Six investigated how the billionaire had been able to conceal for so long his very energetic extramarital activities. It turns out he had a phalanx of handlers to pre- vent incriminating photos from being taken. "

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Tiger Woods has a future as an actor, he played his role very well as a family man and a consummate professional who had no time for outside interests outside of golf and his family.
I`m not surprised that when the geeky golfer was in topless bars, he was able to fool everyone into thinking that he was a wide-eyed innocent who had never seen a nekkid stripper before.
It turns out that Tiger Woods` needs a revolving door in his hotel room, to handle all the strippers, cocktail waitresses, and porn stars that his handlers procured for him.
Tiger has been exposed as a scumbag, and now the paparazzi will be stalking him wherever he goes, and he won`t be able to get away with anything. Tiger will have to settle for watching porn movies in his hotel room, but he would be well-advised to keep the volume low, there might be a tabloid reporter in the next room snooping on him.
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