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Published:December 21st, 2009 10:15 EST
The New Orleans Saints Perfect Season is No More

The New Orleans Saints Perfect Season is No More

By Ron G Anselm

      The New Orleans Saints looked like they may be one of the two teams still with an unbeaten record going onto the playoffs and even looked like they could be one of the two teams that had a chance to tie the Miami Dolphins 1972 record of going through the complete season with no losses.

     The Dallas Cowboys became the spoiling team for the Saints as they dealt the Saints their first loss of the season Saturday night with a 24 " 17 win over the Saints at the Superdome in New Orleans. The Cowboys have been a hot and cold team this season and have turned out to really be unpredictable in their ability to win and even be a contender for the playoffs. They have squeaked by some of the more bad teams in the NFL with narrow margin wins but Saturday night the Cowboys looked once again looked like America`s team by beating the favored Saints.

     All NFL fans are now looking to the Colts to go unbeaten and tie the 1972 Dolphins record with a perfect season. The Colts with Peyton Manning at the helm are very capable of being the team to tie the Dolphins record and go completely unbeaten this year. Their explosive offense has proven more than once in the clutch of the two-minute drills from their own 20-yard line to the end zone with less than two-minutes left in the game to be able to march down the field and score the winning touchdown.

     Sean Peyton, the Head Coach of the Saints commented on the loss to the Cowboys by saying, "We`ll digest this. It`ll sting a little bit going down," (Peyton, 2009 Associated Press). He is also taking the attitude after the loss that Saints need to put the loss behind them and move on to the next two remaining games and focus on working towards winning their remaining games.

     The Saints still proved to have a high-caliber offense in this game. They trailed 24-3 to the Cowboys at the start of the fourth quarter and ended up scoring two fast touchdowns within the fourth quarter taking the game to the two-minute drill where Drew Brees and the Saints looked like they may post a come from behind win against the Cowboys and to continue their trek towards staying unbeaten but on second down and in Dallas territory, Brees was sacked by DeMarcus Ware of the Cowboys and fumbled the ball which was recovered by the Cowboys with just six second remaining in the game.

     Even with the Cowboys reputation as not being the Mr. December team as they normally over the past few years have posted less wins in December than the Chicago Cubs have made the World Series, the Cowboys really dominated the Saints even playing in New Orleans with the defining noise from the Saints fans during the entire game and proved that the Cowboys can play and win against good teams in December.

     During the season, the Saints have proven to be a big surprise by winning this many games and even breaking a franchise record of most wins in a season by the team but I think with the loss to the Cowboys in New Orleans may have hurt the Saints this close to the playoffs by proving they are not bullet proof and can be dominated by other teams. Most teams don`t want to slide into the playoffs by losing games against teams they should have won, so we will see how the Saints handle the loss to the Cowboys and if they can bounce back to the win column. I personally don`t think the Saints will win or even make the Super Bowl.

     I think we will see a surprise in the playoffs by teams that made the playoffs by Wild Card or in the Hunt and one of those teams will be the team that makes and even wins the Super Bowl this year. The Colts also may turn out to be the team that wins it all this year but like any professional sport, anything can happen and any team can beat any team on any given day.



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