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Published:December 22nd, 2009 14:27 EST
Tiger Woods To Make Guest Appearance On SNL?

Tiger Woods To Make Guest Appearance On SNL?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sources within hooker-swinging distance of Tiger Woods say the golfer may make a visit to the `Saturday Night Live` stage soon.

Woods pal and former Suns star Charles Barkley is scheduled to be the show`s first host in 2010, on Jan. 9, and insiders tell MSN`s the Scoop that it`s possible Woods will join him." Read More

Since Thanksgiving night when Tiger Woods was exposed as a scumbag of epic proportions he`s been holed up in his mansion. The disgraced golfer is too cowardly to appear in public, and issue a public apology to his fans and sponsors.

There are rumors that Tiger is set to sail to the Bahamas to escape the whirlwind of controversy. Hiding out or running is not the answer, Tiger needs to man up and face the music.

But an SNL appearance is the worst possible move for Tiger Woods. The public needs to see a contrite and humble Tiger, not an arrogant jerk who thinks he`s still an "A" class celebrity with the gravitas to host SNL.

We yearn to see Tiger crying on Oprah`s shoulder, or humbly begging his fans for forgiveness on ESPN. We seek proof that Tiger gets it, that he realizes that he`s a scumbag and not an icon.

If Tiger appears on Saturday Night Life, this pop culture reporter will spend the rest of his days seeking to destroy the long-running hit show.

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