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Published:December 23rd, 2009 14:29 EST
What Are The Odds Tiger Woods Slept With A Black Bimbo?

What Are The Odds Tiger Woods Slept With A Black Bimbo?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Tiger Woods scandal has been a very welcome early Christmas gift for tabloids and Web sites. I`ve written over thirty articles about the disgraced golfer, and they have garnered a healthy number of hits. Tiger Woods is the gift that keeps on giving, every day another Tiger bimbo comes out of the woodwork. Tiger has been named as the athlete of the decade by the Associated Press, and the tabloid industry should name him as the celebrity of 2009.

But the Tiger Woods mess has also been a godsend for online gambling sites. Some online betting sites are taking odds on when he will return to the PGA, and if he will be Jack`s record of 18 major championships.

Other gambling sites are taking bets on when his wife will divorce Tiger, and how many bimbos will acknowledge a sexual relationship with him.

"Other Tiger Woods betting odds include which celebrity will come forward to admit an intimate affair with the golfer with Jessica Simpson backed at 7/4 favourite followed by Lindsay Lohan at 8/1, Madonna at 10/1, Fergie priced at 14/1 and slightly longer odds include Beyonce at 40/1, Lady GaGa at 66/1 with Cheryl Cole at 100/1 and a very unlikely Susan Boyle at 1000/1." Read More

I`m not a professional oddsmaker, but I would change the odds quoted by Beyonce`s odds should be listed as a gazillion to one, there`s no chance that the black golfer, who is ashamed of his own race, will ever bed a black woman. There`s an infinitely higher chance that the scumbag celeb will sleep with Susan Boyle, she can always get a boob job, and dye her gray hair blond.

What are the odds that Tiger Woods` tarnished image will ever be repaired? I have a better chance of having a threesome with Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

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