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Published:December 26th, 2009 11:13 EST
Tiger Woods: Biggest Joke In The World

Tiger Woods: Biggest Joke In The World

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Disney has joined in making jokes at the expense of Tiger Woods even as a new poll shows the embattled billionaire golf star`s popularity sinking to levels usually reserved for politicians.

Disneyland`s California Adventure Park in Anaheim has now written a Woods joke into its Aladdin show.

The genie in the tale says that he had to remind Woods 15 times that he was unable to make someone fall in love with him, the Los Angeles Times reported." Read More

In a nano second Tiger Woods has gone from the most respected and admired sports icon in the world, to an object of shame and ridicule.

Everyone from bloggers to late night comics are taking pot shots at the disgraced golfer. Entertainment Web sites are making a killing criticizing and poking fun at the disgraced golfer.

The Tiger Woods scandal has permeated every aspect of our society, everyone from little old ladies with blue hair to hipster comics have a dozen Tiger Woods` jokes in their repertoire.

When even a Disney character is ragging on the scumbag golfer, we know that there is no hope for Tiger Woods.

Face it Tiger, your days as an icon are over, get used to being the butt of jokes.

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