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Published:January 5th, 2010 13:08 EST
EA Sports Won't Drop Tiger Woods

EA Sports Won't Drop Tiger Woods

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Video game giant Electronic Arts Sports is moving forward with plans to introduce a Tiger Woods online game, the company said Tuesday.

The Electronic Arts Inc unit`s president, Peter Moore, said in a company blog,, that the company would this month begin offering Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, a browser-based golf game developed in the past year."

Video games often feature serial killers and gangsters as heroes, it`s not surprising that the video game giant is standing by the toxic Tiger Woods.

But the video game company should make a few changes to the Tiger Woods golf game. The current issue of Vanity Fair features a topless Tiger Woods on its cover. The virtual Tiger Woods should play golf sans shirt, and play to the gallery by flexing his steroids enhanced physique.

Tiger`s caddy should be a porn star, and she should also be topless. In fact everyone in the game should be topless, every time that the virtual Woods makes a good shot, there should be a close-up of the naked girls in the crowd cheering.

At the end up the game Tiger Woods can give golfing tips. Yeah, right! The virtual Tiger should give tips on how to pick up porn stars and cocktail waitresses.

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