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Published:January 7th, 2010 12:05 EST
Tiger Woods Needs To Embrace His African American Heritage

Tiger Woods Needs To Embrace His African American Heritage

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sandra Bullock had an awards show audience in stitches when she jokingly claimed she`d slept with Tiger Woods.
The 45-year-old film star cracked the golfer gag on stage at the People`s Choice Awards, after being honored Best Movie Actress.

Announcing the nominees, presenter George Lopez joked: `I have the honor of naming the five white women in America that Tiger Woods has not slept with.`

But when Bullock stepped up to collect her award, she said she needed to correct him.

`It`s only four women up here who have not slept with Tiger Woods,` she said, pulling an awkward face in front of the audience. "Just kidding. I`m so just kidding,` she added." Read More

I give Sandra Bullock and George Lopez kudos for not ignoring the racial aspect of the Tiger Woods saga.

Tiger Woods has a 49-year-old cougar (Theresa Rogers) in his harem; it wouldn`t be too surprising if he hooked up with Sandra Bullock.

About a decade ago Tiger Winfrey told Oprah Winfrey that he felt uncomfortable being labeled African American. Tiger has failed to use his wealth or the bully pulpit to advocate for civil rights. Tiger has distanced himself from the black community; his best friends are wealthy white tycoons.

Tiger Woods created a public persona of a non-threatening (non-black) sports icon who transcends race, but in his private life he played up to the stereotype of the black man as a sexual predator who preys on white woman. That`s what you can irony, Tiger!

Guess what Tiger, you are now black. In the current cover of Vanity Fair the disgraced golfer has a scowl on his face, he`s naked, and pumping iron. It even looks like Tiger`s skin has been darkened -- he`s now gangsta to the core.

Some good can come out of Annie Leibowitz` racist Vanity Fair cover. It might convince Tiger that the public views him as black, and that he might as well identify as black, mend his ways, and prove to the world that very few blacks fit Leibowitz` stereotypical representation of an African American.

The essence of Tiger is cowardice. Too cowardly to embrace his ethnicity. Too cowardly to face the public and the press. Too cowardly to confess he used steroids. Too cowardly to publicly apologize to his sponsors.

Tiger Woods deceived himself into thinking that his immense wealth and his team of public relations experts could convince the public into thinking he wasn`t black. In America it all boils down to race, and now Tiger is as black as OJ Simpson.

Most African American learned back in the 70`s that black is beautiful, but Tiger still thinks that the ultimate American Dream is to be white, and sleep with white women.

Tiger can only find redemption by embracing his blackness, and stop being such a freakin` coward. Learning to keep his putter in his golf bag would also help.

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