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Published:January 9th, 2010 15:48 EST
4 Time World Champion Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway!

Chase Von and Four Time Women`s Boxing Champion, Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)


Chase Von: Hey there Hollie, belated Happy New Year`s to you and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, really appreciate you taking the time to share yourself with our readers!  We`re starting a new year so I truly consider it an honor to start it off by interviewing a true Champion!  So thanks so much again! 

Hollie:  The pleasure is all mine Chase!  It`s an honor speaking with such a talented writer that really thinks outside the box.


Chase Von:  In all the fights I`ve seen of you Hollie, I`m personally not surprised to learn you`ve been champion four times and I really expect to see you adding more belts to that in the future.  People that haven`t watched some of your fights will have to check them out to see why I say that but you`re a natural!  What most impressed me was your ring generalship.  No matter what someone is trying to bring at you, you don`t ever seem to lose your composure.  I was also shocked viewing two of the fights I saw, to hear them award the victory to someone else!  Personally, I thought it was robbery but will get to that later.


First, even though it seems like you were born with gloves on, (Smile); can you tell our readers what your younger years were like?  Were you always athletic?  And unlike some people, who dream of being champion, you sort of stumbled into boxing.  Can you share the story on how that happened?


Hollie:  Thank you.  I was always athletic and have an older brother in the U.S. Army that I had the pleasure of fighting with throughout my childhood.  I was raised on a farm in Arkansas and didn`t discover boxing until I was 18.  With no amateur boxing career, I guess you could say my first year fighting was on-the-job-training.


Chase Von:  Someone in women`s boxing I`ve come to know is Sarah Goodson.  I know I shared with you her and I were going to do an interview, but she was just too busy training and preparing to fight Krisztina (Baby Girl) Belinszky.  She gave it a good attempt but Krisztina won that bout that took place in Hungary.  But Belinszky is someone you`ve also fought and beat.  Is there a possibility you and Krisztina will square off again?


Hollie:  I would love to fight Belinszky again!  Beating her in Hungary to capture her 2 world titles was one of the greatest highlights of my career. 


Chase Von:  Two of your fights that I watched, as I`ve told you, I was totally shocked when they gave the win to the other person.  I know we`ve also discussed that and you told me how much it hurt when you train so hard, and give up so much to do your best and then get robbed.  You also told me that it was far more than those two that were given to people that didn`t really win.  I know it happens in men`s boxing as well, but I think it is rarer.  Is that a problem you see with women`s boxing in general? 

Because when I look at your record, 22 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw and 10 by KO, impressive as it is, I still think just from those two fights alone, you should have two more in the win column! 

I`m not saying names because I certainly don`t think the boxers themselves are responsible for bad decisions that are on the judges, but what do you think your record would really be if things were judged fairly?  And after experiencing that not once, not twice, but so many times, how and where do you find the strength to train again and give it your all, not knowing if it is going to happen another time? 

And has that ever made you want to just give up on boxing all together?


Hollie:  I see as many robberies in men`s boxing as I do in women`s boxing.  There are more televised men`s fights so that may make it a little harder to rob a fighter of a win when such a large audience can see what really happened.    My professional record is 22-8-1 (10 ko`s) and I`ve won 4 world titles.  However, if boxing were judged fairly every time and there were no bad decisions, Then I would be a 9 time world champion with a record of 28-3 (10 ko`s).  It just made me sad, sick and angry at the same time writing that. 

I just have to focus on the positive and let all the negative go.  It will turn me into a negative person incapable of accomplishing anymore in boxing if I don`t keep that attitude. 


Chase Von:  It`s too deep to get into now I think, but do you agree with what I said; regarding something should be done about bad decisions in boxing?  I.e. they do have instant replay in football.   How about when it is really a noticeable to even the crowd decision, that they make something like that, reviewed by actual boxers, either retired or still in the game who are respected, so that those things don`t stay as they are? 

Meaning, and (we can copyright this now), January, 2, 2010, Hollie Dunaway and Chase Von suggest that questionable decisions are reviewed by three respected people in the field of boxing and if they concur an injustice has taken place, they either A petition it is over turned or B, consider it as if the fight didn`t take place and reschedule it with different judges?

Because seeing someone robbed when they`ve done all that people in sports have to do to even enter the arena to me is not only harmful to the individual, but to those watching it. 

Because they too, are left wondering if people saw the same thing they did and eventually time buries it so it can`t be looked at again in the same light.

After all, life moves on, so don`t you think perhaps, in the age we live in, that something really questionable should be given a second look before that happens?  And most importantly, no matter who someone might be rooting for, do they really want to see someone that didn`t win get awarded for winning?  If so, why not watch rigged pro wrestling right?


Hollie:  I agree with you 100 percent!  In late 2009 instant replay became an option, but only to review if a foul was committed, not for any other purpose and especially, not to overturn a bad decision.  Every state and every country`s commission have a different set of rules.  The fact is most judges have never boxed a day in their lives.  Boxing, the sport I so deeply love, remains the most corrupt sport in the world. 


Chase Von:  One of my more recent interviews was with the lovely Joan Baker, a recognized queen in voice over work.  I mentioned you in that interview because on one of her web pages, she had Hot Stuff and I thought that was a strange coincidence after learning you were down for this interview.  But let`s face it, you are HOT!  (Smile). 

You are also going to be appearing in a men`s magazine because you`re also a sought after model.  Can you share a bit more about that with our readers?  And what your thoughts are in regards to that perhaps helping interest in women`s boxing?


Hollie:  I posed for Penthouse Magazine in Las Vegas several months ago which will be released soon.  I suppose I`ve followed in the footsteps of other successful female boxers such as Mia St. John and Regina Halmich who both posed for Playboy. After I saw that it helped more than harmed their careers,  I believe it will help bring more attention and fans to the sport from people who aren`t usually women boxing fans.  Posing nude is not for everyone.  I am very proud of the body that I work hard for and am a naturally confident woman.  My photos are nude but tasteful. 

I wouldn`t do anything to embarrass myself or the sport of boxing.


Chase Von:  I can`t imagine what you do to prepare for championship bouts.  And that`s something your trainers or yourself might not want the competition to know any way.

But what are some of the things you do to stay fit when you aren`t training for a fight? 

And what are some of your favorite meals?


Hollie:  I stay in the gym year around.  I just pick up the intensity about 6 weeks out from a bout.  I fight in 4 different weight divisions so my diet varies from fight to fight. When I fight at lower weights, I eat plenty of whole grains and cut out sweets and fried foods but when I`m fighting at a heavier weight, I eat everything in sight to get up to 112 pounds. My favorite foods are chicken, chicken, chocolate, and chicken. (Smile). 

My trick to not put on weight is to cook and eat at home instead of going out to eat at a restaurant.  And my favorite pre-fight meal (after I make weight) is chicken fettuccini. 


Chase Von:  I`m Black, Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian and rumored by family lore, to perhaps have some French in me as well.  You list yourself as Native American.  Can I ask which tribe or tribes?


Hollie:  I am Cherokee Indian.  I registered and got my Indian row number 5 years ago. 


Chase Von:  What would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Hollie:  If you have a dream, always feel as though you can achieve that dream.  Some dreams and goals are hard to achieve, but never impossible.  You just have to be creative and find ways around the obstacles life throws in your way.


Chase Von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?



Hollie:  My family is very important to me.   I`ve lived away from my family for the past 3 years but just left Vegas and moved home to Arkansas.  I plan to open my own boxing gym here soon.  I wouldn`t have felt comfortable tying myself down permanently by starting a business thousands of miles from my family.  I believe people are mostly good but living in big cities alone I`ve discovered there are many people in the world that are really just looking out for themselves and will take advantage of you if given the opportunity. 


Chase Von:  Now a tough one because I always try and ask at least one of those during my interviews Hollie.  Mixed Martial Arts is becoming incredibly popular!

And in truth, I enjoy both boxing and MMA but what I`m wondering, is right now it`s like they are treated like baseball and football or basketball to some degree.

If you want to watch boxing, you go to a boxing match or tune into them, and if you want to watch MMA you tune into that when it`s available or attend an event.  Various people from boxing and other sports are trying their wares in MMA as well.  But one, do you think you will ever get into Mixed Martial Arts?  And two, do you for see a day when perhaps in the same venue, they will have boxing and MMA combined in one event?  You know, first perhaps a few boxing matches, and then MMA or vice versa?


Hollie:  I will not ever cross over into MMA.  I have respect for the sport but it`s simply not for me for many reasons.  I`d rather not be elbowed or kneed in the head and MMA gloves are so small, they offer hardly any hand protection or protection to the bones in the face you are punching.  I love to see a good fight but when I see someone`s ear cauliflower up in a MMA fight, I realize that is permanent.  I have seen blood pour from the ears in nearly every brutal MMA fight I`ve watched.  Most of my fights are ten rounds and at the end, I rarely have a mark on me even fighting world champions.  I contribute that to my impeccable defense. 

Boxing is an art and I can take a punch if need be but if I were getting physically damaged every fight, I wouldn`t have much longevity in the sport.  I`ve fought 7 years as a professional and don`t plan to retire anytime soon.   I have seen many shows where boxing and MMA are combined and think it`s a great idea to bring together the 2 audiences. 


Chase Von:  As anyone can tell, you`re very attractive.  But you are also very articulate.  What`s the likelihood we will see you not only fighting in the future but also being a commentator as well because you certainly know far more than most, when it comes to the sweet science?  (Smile).


Hollie:  Thank you Chase.  I`m a boxing commentator in my home living room when I`m watching fights on television.  (Smiles).  Seriously though, I would love to do it professionally.  My dear friend, Al Bernstein who is a well-known Showtime boxing commentator even suggested I would make a great commentator after we did a radio show together in New Mexico. 


Chase Von:  I know I told you, after watching you fight, and reading up on you, particularly your web page where you have what looks like a diary, the movie by living legend Clint Eastwood, starring not only himself and another acting legend, Morgan Freeman, but also the beautiful Hilary Swank  came to mind.

Million Dollar Baby!  The ending was really sad but it was a great movie.  But will you ever write down your life story in book form?  Because I think it would make an excellent movie and not only inspire but it would be a real true life story!


Hollie:  You read my mind!  I`ve already begun writing my life story.  And its way more interesting than the hit movie Million Dollar Baby, which is a great movie that I truly appreciate.  I plan to write for a couple more years and will reveal the great, the bad, and the ugly.


Chase Von:  Can you share your various web pages or places where people can find you to learn more about you?


Hollie:  My primary website is HotstuffHollie.Com.  I am also on nearly every networking site such as myspace, face book and my grown-up viewers can visit my at HotstuffHollie.TV

I set aside a few hours every day to respond to fan mail.  I receive way too much fan mail to respond to everyone but I at least read every message sent to me.


Chase Von:  One thing I`ve learned from Willard Barth, a friend of mine is that we all have to stretch our comfort zones at times or we stay where we are at pretty much.

Just from getting to know you, I know that one of the best things about you, is you have a truly wonderful personality and even numerous commentators have said your manner in which you carry yourself, is a huge plus for women`s boxing.

But do you ever see yourself acting?  Because you`ve not only been blessed with great hand speed and power but great looks as well!  And though you might not see that in your future, you have spent a lot of time in front of huge crowds of people and because of your natural athletic ability; you would probably be able to do all your own stunts!   (Smile).

Hollie:  I have considered acting, even studied it a

 bit but boxing and modeling has kept me so busy I never pursued it.  It is something that I would be comfortable doing and will keep an open mind to in the future.  And I would definitely do my own stunts!  


Chase Von:  Hollie again, true pleasure getting to know you and doing this interview with you, so I can share what a unique individual you are with our readers.   I`m wishing you all the good life has to offer and again, because we`ve communicated personally a few times, I hope more learn about how genuinely sweet you are, even though I don`t think they want to step in the ring with you.  (Smile).

So continued success to you always and on behalf of myself and the SOP, truly appreciate your taking the time out your hectic life to do this and I do hope you`ll drop me a line every now and then and tell me what other mountains you`re conquering Champ!  (Smile).


Hollie:  Thank you so much too Chase and the Student Operated Press for taking the time out to interview me.  I`m very fortunate to have crossed paths with you and will definitely keep in touch. 

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