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Published:January 12th, 2010 16:46 EST
Gatorade Tiger Woods Hoax

Gatorade Tiger Woods Hoax

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Gatorade revealed on Monday that fake Gatorade labels featuring a picture of Tiger Woods and the word `unfaithful` on them have been found on bottles in Colorado stores.

Karen May, a spokesperson for Gatorade, said that the Food and Drug Administration was investigating the incident. The company would not reveal whether or not the bottles contained real Gatorade, how many were found, or if any problems had been linked to them.

Gatorade is one of Tiger Woods sponsors. He has decided to take an indefinite leave from professional golf."

Gatorade recently announced that it would discontinue a drink endorsed by the disgraced golfer. Gatorade has done the right thing, pranksters should target the products manufactured by companies that are still standing by Woods.

When consumers see a product sponsored by Tiger Woods they see the word "unfaithful". The American public will shun not only the fake Gatorade bottles, but any items that are endorsed by the shameless Woods.

Tiger Woods was unfaithful to his wife, fans and sponsors, and he should be vilified by the press, abandoned by his sponsors, condemned by the PGA, and shunned by the public.

Tiger Woods is rarely photographed without wearing a baseball cap or a shirt that bears the Nike logo. The scumbag golfer should be forced to cover up the Nike logo with the scarlet letter A.

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