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Published:January 21st, 2010 22:49 EST
The Four Super Bowls

The Four Super Bowls

By Geoff Dean

 According to my limited understanding, there are only four possible Super Bowl match-ups remaining (for instance, Raiders vs. Bears is just not going to happen). In all honesty, math was not my strong subject (what was?) but I`m still pretty sure that this could only turn out one of four ways so I will lay each option out and analyze, as if I knew something, you didn`t, which I don`t, although probably neither do you (Flag-False start of sentence, five yard penalty, half the distance to logic.)

 I will list them from the least to most likely, according to little old me...

 Option 4-Jets vs. Vikings

 This could be an interesting match-up of the aged veteran, Favre, and the raw rookie, Sanchez at QB for the Vikings and Jets, respectively. The Jets defense has shown time and again that in the playoffs, a superior defense trumps an explosive offense. The Bengals were shut down and the Chargers made to look downright pedestrian. If the Jets are in the Super Bowl, the same must have happened to the Colts. If they can stop those three teams, the Vikings should be stoppable. Still, if Favre is in the final, it`s hard to picture him being denied. Best of all, in the lead-up to the game, we can hear the quotes and quips of Favre and Rex Ryan, the hilarious coach of the Jets.

Prediction: Vikings    

Reason: Purple Uniforms, I suppose.

Option 3- Jets vs. Saints

 No disrespect to the Jets, who have managed to come this far (if they do), but I don`t see how they take care of the Saints. Their defense can slow down the power of the Saints but I don`t see their offense keeping the ball for long. At some point, Reggie Bush`s relentless running and Drew Brees` pinpoint accuracy will wear down the Jets.

Prediction: Saints   Reason: Sorry, Rex, but even the Mailman doesn`t deliver on Sundays (Oops, wrong sport)

Option 2- Vikings vs. Colts

 Wow, this would be a great game, I think. The wily former MVP, Favre vs. the current MVP, Manning. Two great offenses, two reasonably good defenses. It might come down to special teams (an edge to the Colts) or the running game (a decided edge to the Vikings). If the Colts get off strong, they should get the job done. If it`s close, it will be the battle of the two greatest comeback artists currently active, and we may have a "Cardiac Super Bowl"

Prediction: Colts  Reason: I was born and raised in Indy and if I predicted otherwise, half my friends would kill me (the others would stop at maiming)

Option 1- Saints vs. Colts

 This is the game of games in my view. The playoffs would have turned out to be meaningless as it would just be NFC No. 1 vs. AFC No.1. The battle of the two teams that teased us with potential unbeatenness. Over the season, I felt that the Saints were the better team (except the last couple of weeks). The Colts, on their 14-0 run, got a lot of breaks and had to comeback most of the time. Does that mean they have character and resilience? Or they got danged lucky? Both, I think (the Patriots` game exemplified both aspects of the Colts` run). So who wins the ultimate showdown?

Prediction: On paper (recycled), the Saints. In my heart, the Colts. For the long suffering people of the Big Easy, the Saints. For my personal mental health, the Colts. For the "Who Dat" Nation, the.....

Oh, just watch the game already.....