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Published:January 26th, 2010 10:51 EST
The New Orleans Saints Are in the Super Bowl

The New Orleans Saints Are in the Super Bowl

By Ron G Anselm


     Bouya! Do you believe in miracles?! From the famous quote of Al Michaels on those many past Monday Night football games and now can still be heard in many Stadiums on the new prime time Sunday night football games, yes ladies and gentlemen; the New Orleans Saints have finally made history and are for the first time in their franchise history " going to the Super Bowl. 

     From my own football analysis, I would have never guessed the Saints could beat the Minnesota Vikings, especially in the NFC Championship game. The way Favre was driving the Vikings offense and the explosive power of the running game the last few weeks, it is a miracle. The Saints did have a big advantage and was probably one of the keys in the victory over the Vikings; they were playing at home in the Superdome. I will admit, the Saints fans are some of the loudest but greatest fans in the NFL. They are a lot like the Philadelphia Eagle fans; they love their team and become some of the biggest cheer leaders during the game.

    Take it from me, having played sports all my life, the crowd noise if you are the home team and your fans are fired up; will become a factor in you winning the game. I am not saying the Saints beat the Vikings entirely on the crowd noise at the Superdome but it probably did help a great deal.

     The Saints were slumping the last couple of games during the regular season and started to kick their offense into gear in the first round of the play offs but I don`t think the Saints can beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning who to me is now in my opinion up there in the rankings and fan favorite as Bradshaw, Unitas, Marino, and Stabler once were when they roamed the gridiron and Manning will find some way if the Colts do happen to fall behind in the score during the game, to come back and win. He has proven that the entire year this season, heck, his entire career to be able to put together the long drive or long drives and bring the Colts to Victory. The Colts have carried over their high scoring and explosive offense from the Tony Dungy days and will score big against the Saints.

     During the game, the dramatic moment and down fall for the Vikings came when Favre tried to win it all by throwing a bomb deep in Saints territory in the final seconds of regulation time and was picked off. During this particular play, Favre did seem to have room to run but had been fighting a leg injury he received during the game and decided to throw cross field to his receiver who was covered and the ball was intercepted by the Saints secondary and regulation time expired. The Saints won the coin toss in overtime and elected to receive the ball.

     A no name kicker with the last name of Hartley for the Saints became the hero of the team, fans, and the city of New Orleans when he booted the game winning field goal at the 4:45 minute mark in overtime. Bourbon Street will never be the same as if you watched the news last night saw that the Saints fans threw one of the biggest parties and celebrations New Orleans has ever seen. They are still probably partying.

     This game proved to be very physical with hard hitting and aggressive style play on both sides of the ball. Both teams were hungry for the win especially the Saints who have never been to the Super Bowl in their past and the Vikings last Super Bowl appearance was when my Oakland Raiders beat them in 1976.

     The Colts are only favored by four points in the game but in my opinion will win the game by a much higher scoring margin. It is great to see two new teams this year in the Super Bowl and especially the New Orleans Saints playing for it all. No matter what NFL team is your favorite, you have to admit; this year`s Super Bowl will make you want to watch it despite your team not making it in the Super Bowl, just to watch the Saints play " you probably will find yourself becoming a Saints cheerleader during the game and maybe even going out and buying a Saints football hat to root for a team that has never played in the big game. This will be an exciting and interesting game but don`t get your hopes too high for the Saints " they will have to work hard during the next couple of weeks on studying game film and putting together plays that may prove to be the factor in beating the Colts but I still think no matter what strategy the Saint figure out, they still will not beat the Colts in this year`s Super Bowl, "Bouya!