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Published:February 14th, 2010 11:31 EST

Monster Wave Wipes Out Spectators At Surfing Competition

By Robert Paul Reyes

"They were there to watch some of the world`s top surfers take on some of the biggest waves, but hundreds of spectators did not expect to become part of the action.
Two walls of water swept dozens of people off a concrete seawall where they had gathered to watch a surfing competition at Mavericks Beach near San Francisco in California yesterday.
At least 13 spectators received significant injuries, including broken legs and hands, when the crowd was knocked off the wall by 6ft-high waves, which smashed onto the beach, wiping out a marquee and throwing spectators on to rocks. Others escaped injury by scattering to higher ground."
Surfing can be a very dangerous sports, fans of the sport have succumbed to sharks and rouge waves. Surfers are a hardy lot, and they won`t let such nuisances stop them from riding the waves.
I`m originally from San Francisco, and I`m familiar with Mavericks Beach. Hello, It isn`t called "Cozy Retreat Beach", the name should have been a red flag for the spectators to be alert for monster waves.
Waves are an awesome force of nature, and it`s impossible to predict their fury. Surfers and spectators need to exercise plenty of caution, I wish a speedy recovery to the injured spectators.
I`m too much of a wimp to surf -- is there a Wii surfing game?
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