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Published:February 18th, 2010 17:52 EST
tiger woods

Tiger Woods' Friday Press Conference: A Joke

By Robert Paul Reyes


"This is not the way the game is played. Tiger Woods is going to finally pop his head back out of the hole he has been living in, and rejoin the world Friday morning. His agent said he`ll talk to "a small group of friends, colleagues and close associates." Also, to a small pool of reporters.

He plans to apologize and start to make amends. He will not take questions." Read More

tiger woods

From the time when two-year-old Tiger Woods appeared on the "Mike Douglas Show" his every move has been choreographed by his handlers.

Tiger Woods posse of advisers don`t let him get too close to the great unwashed, the gifted golfer rarely signs autographs and he seldom interacts with his fellow golfers.

Tiger feels that he is better than the "little people", and since his life and career fell apart on Thanksgiving night he has refused to face the public and the press.

Finally the disgraced golfer plans a "press conference" this Friday, but it`s a conference that will be attended only by a small group of friends, colleagues and friendly reporters. Oh, and he won`t be taking any questions.

This is too little too late, it`s a farce of epic proportions. Tiger`s legions of jock sniffers and sycophants are already arguing: Tiger`s gonna come clean, it`s time to move on.

Hogwash! Once again Tiger Woods is demonstrating that he`s too cowardly to face a battery of reporters. Tiger`s rehabilitation won`t begin until he demonstrates a little bit of humility and courage.

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