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Published:March 7th, 2010 16:23 EST
tim tebow

Tim Tebow Charges An Arm & A Leg For An Autograph! WWJD?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"For four hours the former Florida Gator quarterback signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans. The event was held inside Palm Beach Autographs in the Avenues Mall.

The event was Tebow`s first public event since finishing his run at the University of Florida. Fans paid $160 for an autograph and brought a variety of items for him to sign."

tim tebow

Most of the money raised at the autograph session will go towards the "Tim Tebow Foundation", but what would Jesus think? To charge such an extravagant sum for your signature when you haven`t played a down yet in the NFL reeks of arrogance and greed.

Tebow has a loyal born-again following, and many of them would skip a mortgage payment to buy his autograph. At least one guy brought his Bible for Tebow to sign, that`s just plain wrong. Evangelicals consider the Bible the Word of God -- aren`t they are defiling this holy book by having an athlete sign it? I could understand if a Christian asked a gifted theologian or a hard-working missionary to sign the Bible, but to ask a jock to sign it is sacrilegious.

I wonder if the guy who paid Tebow to sign his Bible will put it up for auction on eBay if he gets into a financial hole? I`m sure he will, evangelicals are experts at rationalizing sin.

Doesn`t Tebow have someone advising him who isn`t a sycophant or a yes man? A handler who can tell him: Dude you are sending out the wrong message! A lot of people think you are a sanctimonious jerk, why give them more reasons to hate you?

Tebow should simply ask himself: What Would Jesus Do? I wouldn`t be surprised if God smites him with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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