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Published:April 30th, 2010 12:02 EST
tiger woods

OMG! Tiger Woods Slept With Over 120 Women While Married To Elin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods confessed to sleeping with 120 women behind his wife`s back during more than five years of marriage, a tabloid reported Thursday.
tiger woods
But it was the one Woods left off his lengthy list that made Elin Nordegren pack her bags.
The Swedish stunner flipped out and gave Woods an earful after learning he had reportedly bedded nubile neighbor Raychel Coudriet, the National Enquirer reported."

When the Tiger Woods sex scandal first broke we were amazed as the list his bimbos kept climbing to 17, 18 and 19. Now it turns out that Tiger  slept with 121 women during his marriage with Elin.
Don`t dismiss this latest twist in the Tiger Woods` scandal because the source is the National Enquirer. The Enquirer was the first to reveal Woods` extra-marital affairs last November, and this fine publication has an excellent track record for getting it right.
During Tiger`s stint in sex rehab he confessed to his wife that he had bedded 120 women, but he left one bimbo off the list: Nubile neighbor Raychel Coudriet, who was only 14 when she first met the playboy golfer. Tiger didn`t want his longsuffering spouse to bash him over the head with a golf club for sleeping with a young woman who lives in his own neighborhood.
If Elin stays with Tiger you can add her to the list of Tiger`s bimbos, but I`m convinced that she has too much integrity to stay with such a vile individual.
Tiger missed his calling in life, he should put away his golf clubs and become a porn star. Tiger risked his marriage, reputation, and career for a little nookie. (OK a hell of a lot of nookie.) Tiger should spend the rest of his life doing what he loves: Performing in porn flicks.
My advice for Tiger: Dude you don`t need another stint in sex rehab, you should stock your medicine cabinet with Viagra, and put out a dozen porn flicks every year. Playa, give in to your inner dawg!
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