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Published:May 12th, 2010 10:02 EST
Video: Tiger Woods' Bulging What?

Video: Tiger Woods' Bulging What?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An anchor on the Golf Channel made an embarrassing slip when referring to Tiger Woods withdrawal from The Players Championship in Florida on Sunday, TMZ reported.

Woods, who was playing in his third tournament since returning from his self-imposed sex scandal exile that lasted nearly five months, blamed a bulging disk in his upper back for his decision to pull out of the $9.5 million tournament.

But while reporting on the withdrawal of Woods, the female anchor instead blamed a "bulging d**k." Read More

Tiger Woods` wood has ruined his marriage, his reputation, and his career. But it wood be a stretch to claim that Tiger`s bulging manhood caused him to pull out of a golf tournament.

But then again, who knows? Maybe a blond bimbo in the gallery winked at the playboy golfer, and he he got so hot and bothered that he simply couldn`t continue to play.

I don`t blame the anchor for her mistake, these days it`s Tiger`s penis and not his golf game that`s getting all the attention.

Here`s the video, it`s worth a chuckle or two:

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