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Published:June 19th, 2010 16:51 EST
The Lakers Add another NBA Championship to its Franchise Resume

The Lakers Add another NBA Championship to its Franchise Resume

By Ron G Anselm

    The Los Angeles Lakers did it once again; they defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Championship by a score of 83-79 for its 16th Championship in team history. The series was an up and down roller coaster ride with both teams seemingly in a race to the finish line. The Lakers would pull ahead and look like they were going to go all the way with ease, but like any good team, the Celtics would catch-up, get even with the Lakers and then pull ahead, but in the end, the Lakers were the team that pulled ahead with just a little more edge to defeat the Boston Celtics.

     In Game seven, the Celtics looked like the Celtics of old when they jumped out to a nine point lead just after the first quarter. The Lakers top guns, Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol were having a less than up to par game going into the half. The combined performance by both players just before the half looked like a one-sided baseball game with a combined shooting effort of 6 of 26 from the field and a total of a just 26.5 shooting percentage.

      In the second half, the Celtics extended their lead to 13 points going into the third period of play. The Lakers were missing the bucket with three point tries just outside the paint, so it clearly looked like the problems the Lakers were having with the missed shots were going to end up being the reason they would lose the game and the NBA Championship. With the old saying It ain`t over till the fat lady singscame to light for the Lakers as the Celtics once hot shooting in the first half came to an end with only seven points scored in the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter.

     Both teams looked like two boxers in the ring trying to land the final blow for the knockout, but at the same time both fighters being so exhausted that the final blow becomes a struggle. The Lakers and Celtics looked this way in the last minutes of the game. Both teams were struggling to put up points on the board, but were not accomplishing this very easily.

     The Lakers were able to get to the free throw line and score points on free-throw attempts which turned out to be their luck in hitting buckets in the fourth quarter. In the final minutes of the game, the Celtics gave it one last effort to take the lead. With just a minute and a half left, Rasheed Wallace connected with a three-point shot to cut the lead by the Lakers to just three points.

     Then, Ron Artest hit a three-point shot on the other end of the court for the Lakers which kept the race to the finish line a back and forth battle. Ray Allen for the Celtics connected with yet another three-point shot. After the Celtics kept inching forward to take the lead, Kobe Bryant tried a three-point attempt, but came up short. With the combine duo of Bryant and Gasol, Gasol grabbed the rebound and once again fed the ball to Bryant who tried to score with a drive towards the basket. In the attempt, Bryant was fouled and earned a trip to the free-throw line. Kobe made both attempts which put the Lakers up by five points with just 18 seconds left in the game.

     The Celtics once again battled back with Rajon Rondo hitting a three-point shot after the timeout and put the Celtics within two-points of tying the score. With just 13 second left in the game, the Head Coach of the Lakers, Phil Jackson put in their power Center, Sasha Vujacic to try and stop the drive by the Celtics. With the clock ticking down and the Celtics chances of winning growing slimmer and slimmer with each tick of the clock, Vujacic for the Lakers ended-up with the ball and tried to hold it until time ran out.

     The Celtics had to stop the clock by fouling Vulacic which earned him a trip to the free-throw line. Vulacic made both free-throw attempts and helped put the Lakers back in the championship winning column.

     In the end, the Los Angeles Lakers looked like the once again dominate team of the 1970s era of Professional Basketball. It was a hard fought game with the Celtics, but like any true warrior, the end of the fight only matters if you come out with the victory.

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