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Published:June 20th, 2010 13:09 EST
world cup

World Cup: Watching Grass Grow Is More Exciting

By Robert Paul Reyes

In every professional sports championship there`s always an iconic moment and a superstar who steps up to the challenge. In the recently concluded NBA Finals Kobe Bryant cemented his place as one of the all-time greats.

world cupThe World Cup is an interminable month-long competition, there`s hasn`t been an iconic moment, a Cinderella team or a charismatic and gifted player who has captured the world`s attention. I`d rather suffer through an Al Gore global warming lecture than attend a World Cup match.

Every American sports fan is familiar with the NHL`s Stanley Cup and the NFL`s Lombardi Trophy, even sports-challenged individuals recognize these iconic trophies. But who the hell is familiar with the World Cup`s FIFA World Cup trophy? FIFA? That`s sounds like a name that a blue-haired old lady would give to an incontinent poodle.

What has been the biggest story of the World Cup thus far? The freakin` vuvuzelas! When plastic horns get more press than the top soccer players in the world, that`s quite an indictment of the sport of soccer.

The world may have World Cup fever, but I`d rather watch a documentary about the mating practices of ants on The National Geographic Channel.

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