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Published:June 29th, 2010 14:59 EST
tiger woods

Tiger Woods: Still A Cad

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tiger Woods is obsessed with reclaiming his throne as the most skilled and feared golfer in the PGA. He cares more about his driver and his putter than he does about his children.

After Tiger was exposed as a womanizer of epic proportions who exploits women and neglects his own family, he vowed never again to miss a birthday of one of his children. The disgraced golfer missed his daughter`s birthday to play in the US Open.

tiger woods

To try to make amends the playboy golfer organized another party for the little girl. But the shameless golfer brought along his manager and another woman. It could be that this unnamed female was a Catholic nun, and not a prostitute or a cocktail waitress.

Tiger would be well-advised to avoid even the appearance of evil. Tiger is behaving like an idiot, he should only bring a woman to his daughter`s birthday party if she`s a clown hired to entertain the little kids.

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