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Published:June 30th, 2010 14:26 EST
Will a Big Hint by Brett Favre Finally Answer the Question about His Return?

Will a Big Hint by Brett Favre Finally Answer the Question about His Return?

By Ron G Anselm

The big question after the end of last year`s NFL season was who is going to return and who is finally going to retire from the NFL. The one big question that has been floating around not only the NFL, but the world of sports in general, is Brett Favre going to return has the Minnesota Vikings Quarterback for yet another bang up season?

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Most of the time when a player retires, or at least may retire, he normally decides to retire right after the season is over because most of the time the players are worn out from the season, probably in pain from taking those head on hits by Linebackers that are the size of a small truck, and because most of the time the player wants to spend time with their family, or at least more time.

A few months after the season ends, the player that has been considering retiring suddenly decides he may want to come back for another season. Being an athlete, the game is in your blood, it`s just that way. Brett Favre is no exception to feeling this way. He announced over a year ago that he was retiring after last season, and then decided he may return this coming season. Favre underwent successful ankle surgery recently and has been working out at his home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. That alone is one hint that he may return. Professional athletes normally have to wait to see if their body will even let them return to the game for another season, especially a professional football player where normally the average for a football player to be able to keep playing the game is anywhere between three and six years before their body has had enough, or is too broken to come back. And the position they play does matter on the impact to their body from the effects of the game.

I recently had an interview with Jerry Reuss for my current book I am writing. He addressed what it takes for a professional athlete to be able to keep playing year after year.  He told me when he was still playing professional baseball that every year after the season was over he had to wait to see if his body would let him return for another season and then when he finally decided to return he had to continuously work out hard to even consider being able to play another season. Being able to play sports at any level takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of luck to be able to keep playing year after year.

The big hint that Favre recently communicated that he may return is he would love to play the New Orleans Saints once again and beat them. Last season in the NFL Championship game between the Vikings and Saints, Favre was picked-off over the middle. That interception thrown by Favre was basically the nail in the coffin for the Vikings in losing the championship game and advancing to the Super Bowl. Favre, I am sure will never forget that moment and wishes he could have it back and another chance once again at the play, but the only thing he can really do is play the Saints once again and beat them this time. Both teams are on the NFL schedule for this coming season to once again play each other, but only in the regular NFL season, we will have to wait to see if these two team advance to the post season of play.

In my opinion, Brett Favre has it in him to return for another season. He still throws the football with precise accuracy and momentum. And he can still scramble with speed when the pocket breaks down all around him. If he does return, count the Vikings in as one of the teams to beat next season.

Favre recently was interviewed and said, I know I can still play at a high-level " (Favre, 2010) In the question to him if he would return next year he stated, If my body was a wreck, the decision would be made. But that`s not the case, I know they (meaning the Vikings) want to know, hell I want to know, but I am not going to press it " (Favre, 2010)

Most of the players and league do expect Favre to return next year and believe if he does return the reason will be to beat the Saints and redeem himself. When asked about this, Favre was very reluctant to answer the question. He knows when it will be time to finally retire for good and knows he cannot play professional football forever. I hope he does return once again because loving the sport of football to me having a great player retire for good is almost like having a member of your family retires for good. It is very sentimental and yet bittersweet to know the player that does retire, or a player of Brett Favre`s caliber that does retire will be missed, but yet will leave his mark on the game that we all love and watch on those cold and snowy (not in Alabama) but, say Green Bay Sunday afternoons.

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