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Published:August 3rd, 2010 10:10 EST
NFL Hall of Fame Game

NFL Hall of Fame Game

By Ron G Anselm

          Well, folks, we are now at another season of the NFL. This Sunday, August 8th is the Hall of Fame Game which is only a preseason game, but is still the kickoff game to the start of the season. The game will feature the Dallas Cowboys against the Cincinnati Bengals on NBC`s Sunday Night Football.

     This season promises to be a great one with some good matchups " we have the Vikings and Saints on Thursday September 9th on NBC which will be the start of the regular season and a matchup to last year`s NFC Championship game.

     In the spirit of the NFL on Fox pregame show where Howie, Terry, Jimmy, host Curt Menefee, and the newest addition to the show from last year, Michael Strahan predict the current weeks games, here are some of my predictions for Week One of the start of this season:

 -Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans " With Oakland still in need of a starting QB and the defensive still in the rebuilding stage even though I have been an Oakland Raiders fan since the Madden days, I have to go with the Titans by 6 ½ points. They are also playing in Tennessee.

 -Carolina Panthers at New York Giants " The Giants lost a lot of games toward the end of last season and are still familiarizing their Offense with new plays and building a stronger offense, even though they have one of the highest paid Quarterbacks in the league, Eli Manning, I have to take Carolina by 4 ½ points.

 -Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans " Last year the Texans showed a ton of possibility to be a dominant team, their Offense was high scoring and they beat some good teams. Although I think the Titans will have a good season this year, I have to go with Peyton Manning and the Colt in this one, taking the colts by 10 points.

 -Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars " With Denver`s new Head Coach Josh Mc Daniels, even though the team showed signs of a strong offense at the beginning of last year, there still is a rebuilding stage with any team after hiring a new Head Coach. The Broncos may prove to be a surprise team this year, but I don`t see them going anywhere after the end of the regular season but back to the golf course. I`ll take Jacksonville by 6 ½ points.

 -Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers " With the Acquisition of John Parker Wilson from my Alabama Crimson Tide to Atlanta, the Falcons will have to pull together their Offense once again to be able to compete in the NFC South. I will take the Steelers by 4 ½ points.

 -Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills " Miami proved to be a good team last year with late season wins and those wins coming against some good teams late in the season. The Bills are not a consistent team yet, so I will take Miami by 8 points.

 -Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears " The Lions have a long way until they are once again a good team. Since Matt Milan left there has been some internal changes in the organization and the Lions are still looking for some high-priced talent to spark their offense and defense. I will take DA` Bears by a 7 points in this one.

 -Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots " The Patriots are a good scoring team with an explosive offense. The only problem they have is their QB Tom Brady. He will have to learn to take a hit without folding after taking a hit. Once he does that, the Patriots will once again be able to outscore lots of their opponents. I will take the Bengals by 10 points in this one.

 -Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers " Both teams proved to be in the cellar last year and are in rebuilding stages. This one is hard to predict, but for the most part I will take the Browns by 3 points.

 -San Francisco 49ERS at Seattle Seahawks " I will take the 49ERS in this one by 7 points over the Seahawks.

 -Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles " I will take Andy Reid`s Eagles in this one by 7 points.

 -Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams " The Cardinals with their explosive offense should prove to be like a Heavyweight fight in this one. Even though Kurt Warner has now retired from the QB position for the Cardinals, with players like Larry Fitzgerald as their main Receiver, the Red Birds should win this one with ease. I will take the Cardinals by 14 points in this one.

 -Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins " The Skins made a change in their Head Coaching position with the ousting of Jim Zorn and will have to rebuild their Offense once again to be back in the contention course. The Cowboys should win this one by 6 ½ points.

 -Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets " The Raven have been a force on Defense with players like Ray Lewis. The Jets, Rex Ryan has built the Offense into a contending offense that can score points. The Ravens should prove to win this one by 10 points.

 -San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs " Although I like the Chargers in this one (being from Southern California and all) The Chiefs are due for a win. They have rebuilt their Offense over the pre-season and the tail end of the season last year and should win this one with ease by 3 ½ points.


This season should be a good one, feel free to make your own predictions for Week One and E-mail to me at my E-Mail address at ( ).