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Published:August 18th, 2010 08:48 EST
Is There a Need for a College Football Playoff System?

Is There a Need for a College Football Playoff System?

By Ron G Anselm


     This idea has been looked at and is still in the evaluation stage but in my opinion to have a college football playoff system would be a great idea or at least be able to try out how a playoff system would work for a while would answer the question, Is there a need for a college football playoff system?

     With the current way and the same way it has been in the past, the top two college teams that now go to the BCS Bowl are basically still determined my college football polls, fans opinions, and a computer generated model. Teams are ranked a lot of different and various ways, basically wins, points scored on offense, points given by the defense, the ranking systems by the current college football polls which are referred to as the coaches and human polls, and the AP Poll but that has now been replaced by the Harris Interactive College Football Poll.

     The coach`s poll and the computer generated polls account for one-third of a team`s overall BCS ranking while the human polls account for the other two-thirds of determining a team`s BCS ranking. Let`s look at the advantages of having a college football playoff system in place in the future. I really don`t think there are any disadvantages to be looked at.

     From my own opinion and being an avid football fan since I was in Pampers and having played the game, there are two main advantages to have a college football playoff system in place. The first advantage is there would be more revenue generated for college football and the second advantage is there would be more excitement in not only the regular college football season but the college football post season.

     Since there would be more games played and the college football season would be longer with a playoff system in place, more fans would be attending more games and spending their hard earned money on expensive college football tickets. This would generate more revenue for the sport.

     There would definitely be more excitement knowing that there will be a longer college football season with a playoff system and your favorite college football team would have to earn their way to the championship not get in by human and poll rankings.

     Most fans have a pride thing going with their favorite teams. On Saturday`s during college football season here in the Deep South, it looks like a huge parade going down every street and highway with all the cars flying their favorite college football team flags and having their highlighted license plates letting the world know who their favorite college team is. Some cars look like a decorated float with has many flags on them as a Thanksgiving Day Macy`s Parade float looks. I love it because that creates the football atmosphere and shows the spirit of the hard-core and true college football fan. Also, go to an Alabama football game at Bryant Denny Stadium during the season. All you see is a sea of red with all the Alabama fans wearing their red jerseys. And the local Wal-Marts probably ran out of face painting make-up with all the fans that paint their faces during the season at the games. This atmosphere created by the college football fans is showing pride in your favorite team. 

     It would be a lot more fun to see your favorite team win it all through the regular season, into the playoffs, and then to the championship game, rather than get into the championship by a poll ranking would be something that is fun to watch and be a part of for the fan. And you would have more bragging rights letting all the losing team fans know that your team earned the right to the championship game by defeating their losing teams in the playoffs.

     The playoffs would also decide who the better team is because that team would have to play and defeat other teams that make the playoffs for the right to go to the championship. The playoff system would be easy to implement. All that would have to be done is to use the current system that is in place that determines the teams that do go to the various Bowl games. Most fans want a college football playoff system in place anyway, so the fans would be satisfied with a playoff system for college football. And again, having a playoff system in place would eliminate any doubt and controversy on which the best team is.  

     The BCS Bowl contract goes through this season. Maybe, next season there could be the start of a playoff system in place or at least working towards the implementation of having one in the future.