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Published:August 24th, 2010 14:15 EST
MTSU's Dwight Dasher Under Investigation by the NCAA for Ripping Off a Veteran

MTSU's Dwight Dasher Under Investigation by the NCAA for Ripping Off a Veteran

By Ron G Anselm


     The Quarterback for MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University), Dwight Dasher is under investigation for possibly taking money from an 80-year old Veteran Oliver Donnell. The question by authorities is Did Dasher take the money " from the old warrior to use for gambling? Don`t dis` a vet, dude! When you dis` a veteran you are dissing one of my brothers!

     Donnell told the Daily news Journal that he did lend Dasher the money which totaled $1,500 for Dasher to use in a High-Stakes Poker game. He also commented that supposedly Dasher promised him that he would split the winnings with him for lending him the money.

     In July, Donnell tried to get in touch with Dasher about the money but had no luck getting a response back from Dasher.  That`s when Donnell reported Dasher to police. Donnell also commented that he is currently being interviewed by a Consultant that is working for MTSU to help determine if Dasher`s eligibility to play college football now may be in jeopardy. Donnell is a patient at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

     The Athletic Director for Middle Tennessee State University Chris Massaro said in his statement on this incident that the NCAA has been notified of the ongoing investigation but had no further comment. Hopefully, the investigation will continue moving forward and a resolution to this issue will be implemented in a timely manner.

     This is another story of the many we have heard lately in the news about an athlete this time an NCAA Quarterback that is either under investigation for something or in trouble with the NCAA. At least it`s not another story about a player being accused of taking steroids!

     If the money was taken with no intent of paying it back and I am not saying it was because I really do not know, or if Dasher had no intent of splitting the winnings with Donnell and again I am not saying he didn`t, I am saying if it is true then that is a very cold thing to do especially to a veteran. The vet went to war, served his country, and now he had some of his hard-earned money possibly taken by a college kid who more than likely has never put on a military uniform.  If Dasher needs money for gambling, get a job or borrow it from Mommy and Daddy, don`t dis` a veteran!




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