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Published:August 24th, 2010 16:44 EST
tiger woods

Tiger Woods' Divorce Final: How Much Humiliation Can Tiger Endure?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Monday, August 23, Tiger Woods and now ex-wife Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce at Panama City`s Bay County Circuit Court in Florida, with Elin Nordegren`s lawyer reportedly documenting grounds of an "irretrievably broken" marriage. They were instantly granted a divorce, whose terms remain undisclosed, but custody, visitation, etc., are said to have been settled."

tiger woods

This news is as shocking as an announcement that Oprah Winfrey has gone to the buffet table for the sixth time. It was only a matter of time before Elin severed all ties with her scumbag husband.

In less than a year Tiger Woods has lost his reputation, golf game, most of his sponsors, swing coach, and now his wife.

The world of sports has never witnessed a more dramatic fall. Tiger was the undisputed king of golf, now he`s just a mediocre player trying to make the cut. We have witnessed superstars tumble from the top due to injury and incarceration, but never have we seen a world-class athlete fall apart because of personal indiscretions.

After Tiger Woods placed fourth in the Masters, jock sniffers, sports writers and sycophants predicted that Woods would soon reclaim his position as the best golfer in the world. No need to go over Tiger`s trials and tribulations on the golf course the last few months...

Tiger is a middling golfer, and it`s time that sports writers stop mentioning his name so frequently. If Tiger`s name isn`t on the leaderboard, why mention him every few seconds during a golf tournament? Everybody has kicked Tiger to the curb, it`s time that sports writers do the same.

It looks like even Tiger Woods` fans are deserting him, the video golf game bearing his name isn`t moving many units, and Tiger Woods golf apparel isn`t selling very well.

Tiger Woods lost everything because of his arrogance and selfishness, and he doesn`t deserve our sympathy. I would advise the few fans he has left to kick the loser to the curb.

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