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Published:August 31st, 2010 22:34 EST
The U.S. to Face Iran in FIBA World Basketball Championship

The U.S. to Face Iran in FIBA World Basketball Championship

By Suren Hossein


ISTANBUL, Aug. 31 -- The U.S. basketball team will play Iran in the 2010 FIBA World Championship on Wednesday.
The Americans, who have defeated Croatia, Slovenia and Brazil so far, will play the minnow Iranian outfit.
Iran had lost to Brazil and Croatia and just defeated Tunisia in the tournament.
Iran coach Veselin Matic has said that the game against the U.S is not a political match.
The match between Iran and the U.S is not a political game. Both teams are here for playing good, " Matic said.
Everybody talks about the Iran- U.S match. In my opinion, this match is like the other matches. Basketball is just a game and it is not political at all, " the Serb added.
Iranian Arsalan Kazemi and Hamed Haddadi play in the American basketball teams. Kazemi plays for Rice University while Haddadi is a member of NBA Memphis Grizzlies.
We just want to go out and have a good game. That`s all we want to do," Kazemi said.
There is a sparkle in the youngster`s eye, however, when asked about the upcoming game against tournament favorites Team USA.
"I just want to play well against all of those NBA players," the 20 year-old added.