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Published:September 2nd, 2010 13:48 EST
miami dolphins

Kendall Langford Loses 2.5 Karat Diamond Earring During Football Practice

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Miami Dolphin Kendall Langford said he lost a 2.5 karat diamond earring during practice, setting off a search of the field by teammates and grounds crew.

miami dolphinsLangford said he forgot he had the earrings in during Tuesday`s practice until he realized one was missing, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday." UPI

Only an idiot with an all-consuming need for attention would wear a 2.5 diamond earring at practice or anywhere else. Is it any wonder that NBA and NFL players are the frequent targets of muggers and burglars?

Why did the coach allow this moron to wear an earring during practice? If the clown is hit on his ear it can be ripped in half.

Only a nitwit would ask the grounds crew to help search for the lost earring, the earring hasn`t been found and I bet that a grounds crew member took it home for his wife.

I can`t believe that people pay good money to watch imbeciles like Kendall Langford play a child`s game.

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