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Published:August 8th, 2006 10:30 EST
It's Cell Pod Time

It's Cell Pod Time

By Anita Helton

Cell phones today have to do everything.  Hold your music, organize your life, take pictures, store files, go online and most importantly connect to other phones.  Motorola is one of the leading producers of cell phones since it has come out with the new Razr that is a must have this year.  Coming in three sleek colors, black, silver and pink, this phone has been one of the top choices since its release in November 2004.  Finally coming down from its original $499 price tag, it is now in the hands, pockets and purses of millions. 

In fact, just a few weeks ago the 50th million Razr was sent out making it a leading sale in ranks with that such as the Ipod.  Motorola is going to have to do a lot to keep its status though.  As times change so do trends, so they will have to keep coming up with smaller and better things to keep the big bucks rolling in.  It has made that attempt with such other models and the Slvr, and Krzr. They are even working on a new model called the Scpl.

It`s an ever changing world and people need their phones to keep up with the mass changes.  Hopefully, they will be able to keep up. If not, they will be knocked out of the race by their competitors.