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Published:January 12th, 2007 06:32 EST
Exercise for PC Gamers

Exercise for PC Gamers

By Michael Bergeron

How many times have you been told to turn off your video games and go outside for exercise?  Well now, there is a solution.  The PCGamerBike is a small exercise bike that is compatible with most PC games.  Through use of USB cable, the PCGamerBike, connects to any computer and can be used to control the forward and backward movement of characters in games, as well as keep record of how far you’ve peddled, estimated calories burned, and various other read outs.

This bike has been featured on the video game television show X-Play, by fitness guru Tony Little.  The PCGamerBike is compatible with any PC game that uses a keyboard for input, including, but not limited too: racing and driving, first person shooters, virtual worlds, and online 3D games such as World of Warcraft.

There are currently three announced versions of the PCGamerBike.  The PCGamerBike Recumbent, which becomes available in February of 2007, is an actual exercise bike with an attached chair, handles, and can be folded up for storage.  The PCGamerBike Mini is a smaller version of the PCGamerBike, but still has the same great features. 

Now gamers can sit in luxury at their computers, playing their favorite PC games, and be able to have fun and exercise at the same time.  The only draw back for this product is the price.  PCGamerBike and PCGamerBike Mini sell for $179 at, while the PCGamerBike Recumbent is expected to be set for $899.  You can find more information about the PCGamerBike at for full details on price, features, game compatibility, and more.