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Published:February 17th, 2007 07:00 EST
Playstation 3, An In-Depth Review

Playstation 3, An In-Depth Review

By George Gildersleeve

I recently got my hands on Sony’s new Playstation 3 and immediately went to check out the features of the new system and see how they performed in the games. The Playstation 3 comes in two versions, a 20GB version and a 60GB version. The first thing you will notice about the system is the packaging. It comes in a PS3 box with the contents and features listed on the side. When you pick up the box, you will realize that it is a rather heavy system, weighing in at about five Kilograms or roughly 11 pounds. Inside the box, you will find the console, standard A/V cable, Sixasis controller, power chord, and a USB cable for attaching your controller to the console.

The first thing you will notice when you turn on your Playstation is the main menu. It is made in a manner that is very smooth and sharp looking. From this menu, you can set up your Internet connection, change system settings, browse the Internet, and a myriad of other things. This menu is the hub of everything you will do on your Playstation. Setting up an Internet connection is a snap, and browsing the Internet is almost like having your computer on your TV. For the best Internet, browsing experience on the Playstation is by connecting a USB mouse and a USB keyboard, however, it is achievable by using the standard controller.

The appearance of the PS3 is very sleek and streamlined. The only color available as of right now is jet black but it looks like a great system. Although the system looks very fragile in your hands, you will change your mind about that, as it seems to be a very well put together machine. Both versions of the PS3 feature four USB ports, Bluetooth Capabilities, and replaceable hard drives. 

When you first see the PS3 controller, you will immediately recognize it as being nearly identical to that of the Playstation 2, but do not let this fool you. The controller for the PS3 has a Playstation logo button, which can turn the console on and off, turn the controller on and off and quit the game you are currently playing. Another huge difference from the controller of the PS2 is the added motion sensitivity, which can immerse you in an all-new gaming experience. For example, in flight simulation games, you can tilt the controller in the direction you want to go and the game will respond to that input and react based on that. The controller does not have the rumble feature of the PS2 controller but does sport wireless connectivity through Bluetooth technology. 

Moving on to the games and movies available on the PS3, it can play Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, games, and CDs. The PS3 is capable of video output in all high definition formats though you will need a component video cable for it. The Playstation 3 can also play any PS2 or Playstation games you may have left over from your last system.

The games I have played on the Playstation 3 do not disappoint. The Playstation 3 is very powerful and can display amazing graphics with no problem. In addition, the wireless controller is nice, as you do not need to worry about tripping over wires in your living room anymore. The games of the PS3 are comparable to the newer games of the Xbox 360 even though the Xbox had a year’s lead on the Playstation. The new pressure-sensitive triggers on the controller where the L2 and R2 buttons were on Playstation 2 add more control in your games. Whether it is how much gas you are feeding your car in a racing game, or how far you want to crouch in a shoot-em-up, this new feature really brings a more immersive gaming experience to your living room. 

Although there is a rather small library of games for the PS3 right now, you can expect some amazing games in the near future. Sony has the support of many game developers that have become famous over the years that will be putting out some high quality games. The top rated game on Gamespot right now is ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ and let me say that this is an amazing game. The game has amazing graphics, an interesting storyline, and great game play, none of which could be achieved without the features of the Playstation 3. 

The system is sold in two versions, one with a 60GB hard drive and another with a 20GB hard drive. The 60GB version has a few added features over the 20GB version. Visually the only difference between the two is the chrome trim on the 60GB version but there are quite a few upgrades once you begin to use the system. They both use Sony’s new Cell Broadband Engine as the main CPU of the system, they both have 256MB of system memory, and 256MB of video memory, and plenty of memory for running games (compare this to the 64MB of the original Xbox). Both have Ethernet ports for plugging your system into your router for internet connection. In addition, they both include the feature of choosing what operating system you want to run on it with Sony supporting the installation of Linux as an Operating System. The features exclusive to the 60GB version are a 60GB hard drive, slots for your Compact Flash, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick memory cards. The last exclusive feature is the inclusion of wireless Internet capabilities.

In summary, the console is definitely the next generation of gaming and has a large amount of useful features. The new controller is unlike any I have ever seen before, the only thing similar is Nintendo’s Wii. The power of the graphics chip and the main processor are truly amazing. The inclusion of the memory card slots on the 60GB version is a great feature as you can watch picture slideshows, video, and other things stored on the memory card. Therefore, if you want to purchase a PS3, you need to decide which features you need to make your decision, which version to get, and keep in mind that you can always put a bigger hard drive in your system. 

The MSRP of the Playstation 3 are as follows:

            20GB Version – $499.99

            60GB Version – $599.99