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Published:January 16th, 2010 08:59 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Terry Markwart, Director & Assistant General Manager of US Sales at Canon

Judyth Piazza chats with Terry Markwart, Director & Assistant General Manager of US Sales at Canon

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


"A camera is one of those things that cuts across ethnic, professional, and age barriers," says Terry Markwart, director for special markets for Canon USA in Lake Success, New York. "Digital cameras are especially hot right now. They`re very attractive to people of all ages, but younger people especially like the small, compact models, big screens."

The cost of digital cameras continues to fall, and the variety of models continues to grow. "The most popular Canon models are usually in the Elph series," says Markwart. "They are very stylish and compact, and their metal construction adds to their high perceived value." Retail prices for Elph models start at $399, but Canon has other digital cameras priced as low as $150. Digital cameras are easy to use, Markwart adds.

Canon`s founding mission was to build a company that created high-quality cameras. Canon realized this dream in 1936 when it released the Hansa Canon, the first 35mm focal-plane shutter camera. During the ensuing 60 years, our technological strengths have helped us to also become a leading digital imaging and networking company and a dominant force in personal and office printers, copiers, controllers and fax machines. We also have applied our innovative skills in environmental technologies, as well as medical, semiconductor, and broadcasting equipment. We will continue to develop innovative technologies as a means of bettering the world we live in "redefining the workplace and enhancing lifestyles.

Innovation has been a key ingredient in Canon`s success throughout our history. We are one of the most prolific inventors of consumer and professional imaging solutions. Canon ranked #3 worldwide among all companies issued U.S. patents in 2004. For the last 20 years, Canon has maintained a global ranking in the top five, with a total of 26,528 U.S. patents granted in our almost 70-year corporate history. Canon Inc. consistently devotes approximately 10% of its net sales to R&D investment each year. Our R&D divisions in Japan and nine R&D facilities throughout the world are dedicated to developing custom products and solutions for customers worldwide.

Some products developed from Canon R&D and patented technology include the laser beam print engine, Bubble Jet Printing systems, plain-paper copying devices, eye-control focus systems for cameras and camcorders, and optical image stabilization for video cameras, broadcast lenses, and binoculars. Whatever the product, our emphasis on quality as well as original technologies has earned us the trust of customers around the world.

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