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Published:February 26th, 2007 00:03 EST
Shure E3c: Hearing What You've Never Heard Before

Shure E3c: Hearing What You've Never Heard Before

By George Gildersleeve

When I received my pair of Shure E3c earphones, I was looking forward to getting to use them. Being somewhat of an audiophile, I knew that Shure was a brand committed to bringing excellent, studio-quality equipment to the consumer. I decided on the E3c earphones after some research online about different pairs and different brands, so as to get the ones just right for me.

Bringing them home, I had to get into the package with a tough pair of scissors because the earphones are packaged in that annoying plastic that is always unwilling to cut just right-- these are definitely well packaged. After eventually breaking into the package, I pulled out the earphones, a hard-shell case, a custom fit kit, and the instructions. The custom fit kit is one thing that I don’t believe I’ve seen with other manufacturers; it comes with a disposable set of foam sleeves, 3 sizes of flex sleeves, and 3 sizes of soft flex sleeves. Using these sleeves is very easy and makes wearing the earphones very comfortable.

The earphones feel well made and sturdy, and have quite a sense of style to them. They are easy to wear, and in a short time you might even forget you’re wearing them. The earphones are built with studio-quality mini drivers to give you enhanced bass, midrange, and high frequency spectrums. These lightweight earphones rival the sound quality of some studio-grade headphones I have used in the past. On top of great sound quality, lightweight design, and custom fitting, the E3c earphones are sound-isolating, which brings all of the sound coming through the earphones directly where it needs to be while blocking outside noises.

When I first used my pair of E3c earphones, I forgot almost immediately that I was wearing them because of the lightweight design and perfect fit. I was listening to songs on my iPod that are my favorites and have heard for a long time and, to my surprise, I was hearing things in my songs that I had never been able to realize were there with conventional earphones or speakers. With these earphones, whatever you are listening to, whether it be music, games, movies, etc. you will most definitely be drawn into the experience like never before.

With earphones like these you might ask the question, “How do I carry these without damaging the equipment”. Not a problem with these earphones. Shure, the manufacturer, includes a lightweight hard shell case that has a spool to wrap your earphone chord around and to keep them as safe and compact as possible. The people at Shure even thought of how to keep these earphones as clean as can be with the included ‘earwax loop’ to clean out the sound holes of the earphones themselves.

The way these earphones are designed, with the custom fit kit, allows for even more customization. These earphones are able to accommodate custom-fitted earphone jackets that can be acquired and custom made to fit your ear by an audiologist. Imagine being able to listen to your media in peace with an earphone that contours to every curve in your ear, and sound to rival that of a professional studio.

With the custom fit, lightweight hard-shell case, and exceptional sound quality, these Shure earphones are almost unbeatable. Custom drivers sing out your media in a way that is otherwise impossible. Enhanced highs and bass make these earphones a product to be reckoned with. The sound isolation and noise cancellation are truly amazing, letting you hear things that would otherwise go unnoticed. The Shure E3c earphones are piece of equipment I will be using for a very long time to come.