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Published:February 1st, 2008 05:43 EST
Why Is Our Government Selling Advanced Computers to Syria?

Why Is Our Government Selling Advanced Computers to Syria?

By Leon (Producer) Leon

Dear Judy,

Typically, I do not respond to ludicrous comments that people make but the article by John Wallace is concerning in knowing he is running for congress. I’m not sure what your affiliation is with Mr. Wallace but your email address is at the bottom of the article.
Briefly, the most compelling inaccuracy is Mr. Wallace states “Programs designed to help Syria improve their trade and giving them our latest technology will not stop the Assad regime from assisting terrorist organizations or shipping terrorist fighters and weapons into Iraq to kill American soldiers. Until Syria no longer supports terrorists, it should be considered our enemy and dealt with as our enemy, not as some sort of future trade partner. ” Does Mr. Wallace have any idea how our country or military operates?  We do not sell our latest technology or equipment to any ally or country. Rather, we sell outdated equipment that we developed the means to overcome. Other countries and the public are unaware of our latest technology for 30-50 years subsequent to design, development and implementation. For instance, stealth technology was developed in the late 1940’s and no one was aware of it until the late 1960’s. Moreover, the first stealth aircraft was not seen by anyone until early 1970’s. We have military technology and capabilities that are unimaginable and we surely do not share or sell it to other countries for many years after termination and replaced with newer technology.
I do not care to spend more time addressing Mr. Wallace’s erroneous statements regarding computers or trade ramifications. I would rather those that do not have clue what they are talking about say nothing instead of sounding like a fool.   
Good luck,
Dave N.