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Published:February 9th, 2009 13:10 EST
Too Much Texting With Friends Can Make Young Girls Depressed

Too Much Texting With Friends Can Make Young Girls Depressed

By Robert Paul Reyes

As anyone who`s shared a house with a teenage girl and a telephone will know, they certainly like to talk.

But too much chatting with their friends can make girls prone to anxiety and depression, a study has found.

The opportunity for youngsters to share their problems through texting, email and social networking sites such as Facebook has never been greater." Jenny Hope/DailyMail.Co.UK

In the Dark Ages (The 1980`s) teen girls could only share their existential angst with friends when they were at school or when they were at home and had access to a land line.

But today girls can chat with their girlfriends anywhere and anytime via laptop, iPod or cell phone. The opportunity is there for girls to spend the entire day and night complaining about their trials and tribulations.

When a young girl complains about her boyfriend to her best friend she will recite a litany of reasons why he sucks. A guy on the other hand will simply tell his best bud, "My girl sucks" and move on to another more pleasant subject.

Guys don`t obsess over hurt feelings like girls, our attention spans are too short. A dude will break up with his old lady, and two minutes later he will be happily watching a monster truck show on TV.

But when a girl`s feelings are hurt, she will tell all her MySpace and Facebook friends how miserable life can be.

Too much technology isn`t always a good thing, young girls need to learn not to share their problems with the whole world via cell phone and the Internet.