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Published:February 24th, 2009 19:21 EST
New Video Game Awards Virtual CEOs Money they Ask For or Slaps Them in the Face

New Video Game Awards Virtual CEOs Money they Ask For or Slaps Them in the Face

By Christopher HIllenbrand, an online entertainment company, has just set up a new video game titled Trillion Dollar Bailout". It`s the perfect game to play if you`re in the mood to either award virtual C.E.O.s the money they ask for, or slap them in the face. As a gamer, you also have the option to pass out sacks of bills to cash-strapped homeowners.


As a tagline from the game`s programmers, they advise that players should punish greedy fat cats and save honest people "and put the hurt on dudes in suits".


At the start of the game, players are given 1 trillion dollars in funny money with which you can spend to your heart`s content (much like the real government), though the objective of the game is to rescue the U.S. economy before total economic meltdown strikes".


During the course of the game, one will encounter homeowners and corporate head honchos peeking out from New York City skyscrapers begging for bailout money backed by our tax dollars (I know: the parallels are astounding). Even the dummy front Crysalot Motors will ask you for 8 billion dollars from your hard earned trillion.


To play, you can choose to dole out from your seemingly never-ending supply of a trillion dollars by clicking on the money bag icon or click on a tab that looks like an open palm to slap them for taking up your time.


Your progress is measured on a graph, which may save or tank the economy put under your fingertips.


You know overpaid analysts in Washington fresh out of ideas would love if life could imitate art, if only this once.