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Published:February 27th, 2009 15:23 EST
Wearing An iPod Can Be Dangerous

Wearing An iPod Can Be Dangerous

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Connecticut man was so engrossed with the tunes on his iPod that he didn`t realize his house was on fire - until his alarm company called.

Pomfret Assistant Fire Chief Edward Bates says Andrew Riley told him he was listening to music Thursday afternoon when the blaze broke out on the upper floor of his 2 1/2-story house.

Bates says Riley didn`t smell smoke or hear the smoke alarm going off." The Associated Press

I`ve heard a case of a couple who were so engrossed making love that they were oblivious to the fire destroying their home. That`s understandable because things are supposed to get hot and intense when you are knocking boots. But even if I`m listening to my favorite song (Stairway to Heaven), I`ll be able to tell if my house in on fire.

I`ve seen joggers and pedestrians donning iPods who are totally oblivious to their surroundings, they make easy pickings for muggers. Music lovers should use earphones that cover only one ear, it`s a dangerous world out there.

I wonder what tune Riley was listening to while his house was burning? It would be so embarrassing if it turned out that he was listening to a Britney Spears ditty.

After the alarm company called, Riley called the fire department and they were able to save his house.