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Published:March 15th, 2009 12:42 EST
New iPod Shuffle Should Be Hit With Old Folks

New iPod Shuffle Should Be Hit With Old Folks

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Apple`s third-generation iPod Shuffle ($80) will please minimalist-design enthusiasts: Smaller than a USB thumb drive, it is completely devoid of buttons, knobs, and a screen.

The controls for the Shuffle are located on the included earbuds, housed in a tiny remote on a cable below the right ear. This earbud design debuted last fall alongside the newest versions of the Touch, Nano, and Classic. The controls are pretty basic: Volume up/down buttons sit on either side of a multifunction center button." The WashintonPost.Com

I still have a radio boom box that includes a non state-of-the-art cassette deck. I`ve resisted upgrading to an MP3-Player, I`m intimidated by new technology. I especially abhor any electronic device with an LCD screen, old codger like me prefer buttons and knobs to navigating in a tiny screen.

This new product from Apple caught my attention because it doesn`t have a screen. I don`t need a music player with a blasted screen, I know which song I`m listening to without looking at a screen.

The design is minimalist and the controls are basic, you don`t have to be a mechanical engineer to learn how to turn the machine on and off.

It comes in only two colors silver and black, but I don`t need a hot pink or a cherry red MP3-Player.

The price is right at $80. I don`t know how parents can afford to buy some of the more upscale iPods for their children without getting a 2nd mortgage.

My only complaint is that Apple refers to the earphones as "earbuds", that sounds like a parasite that infests your inner ear.

I predict that the new iPod Shuffle will be a big hit with old farts.