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Published:May 14th, 2009 10:31 EST
Government UFO and Extraterrestrial Cover Up

Government UFO and Extraterrestrial Cover Up

By SOP newswire2

In recent news, former NASA Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, confirms government attempts to silence his hometown of Roswell, New Mexico and conceal extraterrestrial activity in the area. Debut author, Ron Riales, explores the similar mystery and conspiracy of Area 51, aliens, and government secrecy in his new fiction novel, Red Moon: Looming of a New World Order (published by iUniverse). The novel offers readers mystery, adventure, romance, and elements of truth.

Red Moon tells the story of Dr. Jennifer Bently who recently completed her government residency obligation as a physician for the American Indians near their Nevada reservation. After selected to do genetic research for the federal government, Jennifer is excited about this new chapter in her future, even though it will take place at a secret military installation. When Jennifer arrives at a U.S. Air Force base to be briefed, she is unprepared for the seemingly sci-fi specifics of her new job. General Dan Graves informs her that she will be conducting medical research on the genetics of extraterrestrials.

Both excited at the positive possibilities and the potential fallout, Jennifer travels to the military base confident that she can use her skills to make a difference in the world of science. But the underground installation in the Mojave Desert is nothing like she expected; what was once a place full of promise becomes a chamber of unspeakable horrors. Now, Jennifer and General Graves must fight to keep the deadly secret that could very well threaten the entire world buried deep beneath the desert floor.

"Jennifer looked on in great anticipation as the -320° liquid nitrogen was being removed from the huge chamber. They lifted out of that chamber another container with a transparent cover. As the fog inside the container cleared, the vague outline of a body could be seen. When the body came into full view, Jennifer stood there in silent wonderment while the others discussed among themselves what they were witnessing."
About the Author

Ron Roman Riales was born in Swabischhall, Germany and grew up in El Paso, Texas. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Northern Arizona University. The International Society of Poets has named him an International Poet of Merit. He currently resides in Glendale, Arizona with his wife and enjoys reading and researching in his spare time. For more information visit: