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Published:May 21st, 2009 16:40 EST
If GPS System Fails It Will Be A Catastrophe

If GPS System Fails It Will Be A Catastrophe

By Robert Paul Reyes


"After a government watchdog agency warned that the U.S. Global Positioning System might fail, potential customers may wonder whether buying a GPS device is still a good idea. In a word: Yes.

Any GPS outage is likely to develop over a period of years and the U.S Air Force, which manages the satellite navigation system, is under pressure to speed modernization efforts.

Further, the cost of consumer GPS devices has dropped below $100 for units with turn-by-turn spoken navigation. At that price, the GPS unit can quickly pay for itself. Consumers also don`t require as precise a GPS fix as military users, who are more likely to notice GPS `brownouts.`" David Coursey, PC World

Not too long ago only high-tech geeks and important businesspersons had a GPS unit, but now they are ubiquitous. In fact many people wouldn`t think of leaving home without their GPS device. The handy machines are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

The news that the Global Positioning System might fail is very worrisome, how can we find our way in the city without a GPS unit?

I am terrified of living in a world without a GPS unit to guide me ever step of the way. I have no sense of direction, and I rely on my GPS unit especially when I`m out of town. Without it I`m lost, as a guy I have too much pride to pull over to a gas station and ask for directions.

The Air Force needs to get with the program and replace the ageing satellites and update and modernize the system. Forget about building a defense shield to protect us from nuclear destruction, update the GPS unit!

A world without GPS is unthinkable! We are not barbarians; we must make all necessary repairs to the GPS network!