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Published:November 23rd, 2009 15:00 EST

Digitized Dharma: My Enlightenment Through Computers and Technology

By Sean Beelzebul

In today`s day and age computers and technology in general control a vast amount of our daily habits. For the most part, the world has become dependent on technology. People from all around the world are attached to electronic data in many and multifarious forms. When there is a power outage many feel naked without their facebook pages, their bank account information, and some are even at great risk when technology fails, or at least loses its optimal configuration. Take for example the recent hacking of the DoD`s (Department of Defense) information systems, through a virus infected flash drive cleverly placed inside an office. For two and a half days, the sophisticated virus infected the mainframes, and most likely disseminated information to its creators. For those of you that don`t know, the more efficacious the computer virus, the more capable it is of stealing (on the typical end of the spectrum) passwords, login names, and credit card data. Theoretically, a super sophisticated computer virus could do much, much more by means of data theft. On the bright side, the fact that this virus which infected the DoD`s network could only be inserted physically, through a tangible flash drive gives me confidence that the shield defending the Government`s computer networks is probably incredibly strong, and unimaginably elaborate. With that said, imagining the damage that can be done to the world via technological failures is quite frightening.

I began programming computers when I was thirteen. It was amazing and quite exciting, but by the time I got to college I had lost a considerable amount of skill and interest in the subject. After a few years of conformity and trend following I found myself very unhappy. Henceforth, I embarked on a perilous spiritual journey in order to rediscover my inner nature. It took about ten years to find this inner nature. The answer was right in front of me the whole time, in my home, in the office, even in the street lights and the cable box "computer technology. This I had to relearn, in order to truly be awake " and aware " in today`s troubled times.

I write primarily religion articles for The Student Operated Press. In the area of religion I am pretty well read, I earned my MA in the subject, and I have written a book describing my philosophy. Religion is still at the heart of this article, despite its technological leanings. For me, the Buddhist notion of awareness is unattainable without an awareness of technology. In addition, I have found that even the unbending Judeo-Christian tradition, has adapted a little in this area. From websites like J-date to mega broadcasts like TBN the world of religion has changed through technology, and despite any talk from scientists and philosophers about fallacious realms and illogical arguments, the world of religion is dependent on technology at times too.


"Sean Harrison Higgins