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Published:November 24th, 2009 00:07 EST

Dreams Meets 21st-Century Technology

By SOP newswire2

 Forget your dreams? You`re not alone. Studies will tell you if you don`t write down your dreams when you first wake up, the details will fall through the cracks of your consciousness like sands through an hourglass.

"Dreams really are written with invisible ink," says John Paul Jackson, an author and public speaker who has devoted much of his adult life to the study of dreams, their importance and the interpretative process. "I have people tell me all the time, `Oh, I don`t dream,` but I always respond with, `no you dream, but you just aren`t remembering them.`"


Why bother with writing down your dreams? According to Jackson, the symbolic language and nonsensical allegories that make up dreams are actually "significant messages from eternity." They just have to be decoded.

The interpretation of dreams is nothing new. The ancient Hebrews of the Old Testament era of the Bible placed a tremendous value on dreams, seldom dismissing even the outlandish dream without an attempt to interpret.

So what made dreams so important to the ancients? Well, for the Hebrews, dreams weren`t just the chemical reactions of last night`s dinner, they were messages from God. These messages were sent they believed to direct, warn and encourage.

"It`s important that you value your dreams," says Jackson. "To the degree you value your dreams, is the degree to which God will speak to you in your dreams. To be honest, in today`s fast-paced world, that`s the only time people slow down long enough to receive revelation from God. And if you don`t write your dreams down, they`re gone forever."

That`s where the beliefs of the ancients have now been aided by the technology of the 21st century. Jackson has lent his expertise to the creation of DreamLoggR, an iPhone and iPod Touch application. After six months of development, DreamLoggR, a dream journal that lets you record, log and search your dreams by keyword, is approved and in Apple`s iTunes Store to purchase.

DreamLoggR also provides some hints into the interpretive process by including the top 20 dreams and their meanings. For example, dreams of falling or flying, teeth falling out, being naked in public, are all listed with their interpretations inside the DreamLoggR application. Pretty handy when you`re at the water cooler next week and a coworker tells you about this weird dream they had the night before.

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