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Published:January 4th, 2010 15:58 EST
Facebook God on a Daily Basis

Facebook God on a Daily Basis

By SOP newswire2, a social community where people can connect with God on a daily basis, has extended its reach to all Facebook users by integrating Facebook connect technology.

"This is an important step forward in reaching out to the online community," says Jacco de Vin, founder of "We understand that a lot of people spend their quality time on Facebook, but it`s hard to spend quality time with God there. Now that we have integrated with Facebook, visitors to can use their own Facebook account to login, post a praise, journal their prayers and respond to God`s word.

We see people have regular time with God, a quiet time that includes God in all the things they do and desire. We know that this exercise is hard, and we hope this site will make it easier for people to meet with God. He loves our attention. To be bedashed means to be "blessed" and we know that people will be blessed when they have time with God."

Furthermore, Facebook users can post their praises to their own Facebook wall to share with their friends and family. "It`s a good thing to worship our God on a regular basis," says de Vin, "it`s also good to share our love for God with others. Facebook connect provides this opportunity to facebook users."
For more information, or to get bedashed, visit our website
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