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Published:March 2nd, 2010 15:28 EST
company called Tigertext

TigerText: The Latest Tool to Cover Your Butt

By Tony Graff

I send roughly six thousand texts a month, creating one of the best electronic trail of who I talk to and what we are talking about. Now, imagine all I could do if that trail simply disappeared. That is what a company called Tigertext is offering customers. Self-erasing texts. Sounds like a Mission Impossible toy, right? Perfect for people trying to cover their butts about something, like affairs and cheating on tests. 


In my mind, I`m thinking what the heck, this isn`t really necessary, but Tigertext thinks otherwise. They prescribe this app for those wishing to keep their privacy intact. Forgive me if I don`t buy that. Common sense says that this is going to be another tool used by people to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions. 

The way the app works is that all texts are no longer stored in the user`s phone or the recipient of the text, but in a database owned by Tigertext, which vendors say gets purged of all information every minute. Settings are made by the user as to when the text gets deleted, such as two hours whether or not they have been read, or sixty seconds after the text has been opened. The texts aren`t even saved in the carrier`s database, making it look like you haven`t sent a text at all. Sounds a lot like something shady politicians and lawyers would cook up so they can get away with their devious lifestyle. 
I really don`t think there is a good use for an app like this. If people are that worried about their privacy, I`d label it as paranoia or them having something illegitimate to hide. Truth be told, texting is overused as it is, and if it continues on the track it`s on, then it could very well take place as the number one mode of communication, topping out face-to-face conversations.