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Published:May 13th, 2010 22:55 EST
The World of E-Books

The World of E-Books

By S. D.

Amazon Kindle is a nifty little place that allows you to upload - free of charge - your writing to Amazon and sell it. Of course, you do have to make sure that whatever you have written is formatted nicely in a program that Kindle accepts, and that it`s about book-length. They check. Then you can price your work from anywhere between $0.99 to $200.00. (Though most books - non textbooks, I mean - average at about 10 dollars.)

I recently published a fantasy anthology of short stories and poems that I`d written over the past 6 years. Fantastika is pretty short, only about 100 pages. It`s also only 99 cents to buy as an e-book. ($2.99 if you`re living internationally like me - apparently even e-books cost extra to ship to international computers or Kindle readers!)

Since last night at around 10 PM when it appeared as buyable (as in, people could search for it, download it, etc on Amazon), it has sold two copies. $0.70 in profits for me? Pretty good for a day`s work! Of course, though, I know the people who bought those copies.

So. It does make me proud to know that someone out there is reading stories I wrote when I was 14. However, on a more serious note, it doesn`t seem like this method of publication is at all viable for authors who are pretty new to the industry (like me), who do not regularly appear on TV (like me), and who have only a small internet presence (like me).

It`s nice to dream, of course. Joe Konrath claims to earn $100,000 a year from his e-books on Amazon. But his blog has a pretty huge following, and must probably get several thousand hits a day. For the rest of us who are relatively unknown, making sales of our e-books seems like a pretty daunting task, considering that there are about 500,000 other e-books up for sale on Amazon.

Yet Konrath would say that I`m completely wrong. With the right price for the book (as cheap as possible) and the right attitude about advertising (as much as possible without spending exorbitant amounts of money), he claims that anyone can make as much as he does.

Well, I guess we`ll see about that!