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Published:May 20th, 2010 12:53 EST

Google Hatin' On Cougars! Watch Out Madonna!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"IF you`re a woman who would like to date younger men, you can find lots of articles about these relationships by doing a Google search.

cougarsBut as a woman looking for a man, you might be a little confused by the advertisements that accompany these articles. One promises to help you find sexy Latin women, and another, hot Latvian ladies. But there are no links to the growing number of "cougar" dating sites, matching older women with younger men, on content sites that show up in a Google search.

Google has recently deemed those dating sites `nonfamily safe,` and therefore its ads for such sites containing the word `cougar` will not be allowed on so-called content pages." Read More

Google shouldn`t ban any content, and the colossal search engine is providing a public service by not blocking articles about cougars. Young men need to read these articles, for the same reason that we should educate ourselves about serial killers. If a cougar gets her painted claws on a young man, she will suck the life-blood out of him, and render him a lifeless husk fit only to appear in Lifetime movies.

I commend Google for their non-politically correct approach in banning cougar ads. Imagine the horror of a young man who is doing research online for his college thesis, and suddenly a cougar ad pops up on his screen. The shock to the system can make the guy quit school and join a monastery.

Google, displaying remarkable wisdom, won`t ban similar ads for the Web sites that match older men and younger women. That`s as it should be, Sugar Daddies are benevolent figures, Cougars are predatory monsters.

If you look up "nonfamily" in the dictionary, you will see cougar Madonna`s wrinkled face staring back at you. The family is under attack, and thank goodness that the world`s most powerful corporation has banned cougar ads.

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